Minister Louis Farrakhan tweets out letter on Jay Electronica, Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

On July 22, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan tweeted a beautiful letter regarding Jay Electronica's recent performance at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. Click here to read the letter and read the comments on his Facebook page.


Decades of state-sponsored terror: Israel’s latest genocidal assault against Palestinians

(FinalCall.com) - The launch of Operation Protective Edge by the Israeli Defense Forces July 8 represents only the latest genocidal aggression targeting the Palestinian people.

“The common narrative that Israel is responding in self-defense is totally misleading,” said Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Central Council and founder of the Palestinian National Initiative political movement. “Israel provoked the actions, Israel is the one who started the airstrikes on Gaza, Israel is the one when there was no response made sure to assassinate people so there would be a response. Israel must be restrained,” he added.

Hamas is fighting back by sending rockets to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, but their weapons are no match for the bloody paralyzing military capabilities of the Israel Defense Forces. The Bonn International Centre for Conversion’s 2013 Global Military Index has Israel at the top of its list as the world’s most militarized country. The independent, non-profit policy organization uses several variables to determine the relative importance of the military apparatus to the society as a whole.

Attorney Tarek Khalil, a Palestinian activist, said the military mismatch is the main part missing from the Western and controlled media’s narrative and an important part of what is happening. “Palestinians are being killed by the Israeli government itself using a technologically advanced army. Whatever is done by Palestinians in response is a reaction to being attacked by the occupying forces of the Zionist government.

“It’s always presented as two sides with equal bargaining chips almost as if it is symmetrical and equal conflict between two sides who can equally defend themselves,” said Atty. Khalil. “Well, nothing could be further from the truth. It is absolutely ridiculous to even suggest that Palestinians are the aggressors. There is no such thing as aggression from victims,” he added.   

Many view Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as somewhat weak, however, he is the preferred choice of Israel and the United States when confronted with the specter of having to work with Hamas, which handily won democratic parliamentary elections in 2006 and still maintains significant support. Most recently, as they continue to seek international support for Palestinian statehood, it was announced last month that a unity government between Fatah and Hamas had been formed, much to the chagrin of Israel and the U.S.

“Everything started since the Palestinian consensus government was announced and since the reconciliation took place,” Dr. Barghouti explained. “It was clear since then that Israel was planning a huge operation with specific political aims.” [READ MORE]


(VIDEO) - Asthmatic Black man Eric Garner Dies After NYPD Chokehold in Staten Island

(Source: Gawker.com) - Eric Garner, a 43-year-old father of six, can be seen arguing with plainclothes NYPD officers on Staten Island. When the officers attempt to handcuff him, Garner asks them not to touch him, and one puts him in a chokehold. Several other officers pile on, slamming Garner into the ground, and he begins complaining that he can't breathe. Now, Eric Garner is dead. [READ MORE]


#JusticeForMarlene Pinnock: Los Angeles gets spotlight in videotaped highway police beating of Marlene Pinnock

LOS ANGELES (FinalCall.com) - There is no sound but you almost hear the thud of blows landing on a Black woman pinned to the ground by a bulky California Highway Patrolman. You can almost feel the woman’s head bouncing off of concrete as an unstoppable force smashes into her face.

Those images brought an explosion of outrage from the woman’s family, family attorneys, leaders, politicians and grassroots activists. 

Each weighted punch has contributed to demands for accountability and transparency. They want the officer fired and charges filed against him. They want a federal investigation. They want justice.

“I feel like in general there’s this escalation of attacks on our Black people, but not just us, also the Latinos as well, and we have to become really serious about organizing self-defense for our people and organizing different ways to get this government to monitor and enforce standard human rights around these issues,” said Sanyika Bryant, of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, which has written reports on the continued problem of police brutality.

The woman was later identified as Marlene Pinnock and lawyers for her family were blunt: “When you look at it and you see it’s a White police officer, a big male police officer and a Black female, you wonder whether there was a sub consciousness that she did not matter because she was a Black female?” asked Atty. John Burris, who represents the family.

“Here it should be a no-brainer. He should go to jail,” added family Atty. Caree Harper. (See related interview with Atty. Harper)

In a series of private meetings, press conferences and rallies, activists condemned the July 1 assault on the 51-year-old mother, grandmother and great grandmother—who is reportedly mentally ill and homeless—along California’s 10 Freeway.

Ms. Pinnock is very physically bruised and very emotionally traumatized, said Atty. Harper during a July 10 press conference in front of the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper. She stood with Ms. Pinnock’s sister, daughter, son-in-law, civil rights lawyer Burris, Sentinel publisher Danny Bakewell, Sr., and community leaders and activists.
Atty. Harper also spoke during a Saturday rally hosted by the National Action Network at Leimert Park on July 12.

Atty. Harper argued it shouldn’t have taken two press conferences for Ms. Pinnock to receive a CAT scan when video shows her face was being pounded into the cement. If the officer had suffered that kind of brutality, he would have gotten the X-rays within hours, she said. [READ MORE]


Oprah, Magic Johnson, Jay-Z and Beyonce: The State of Black Business in America

By Ashahed M. Muhammad

CHICAGO (FinalCall.com) - Despite upward trending employment statistics and financial achievement for some Blacks, the key to establishing generational wealth is not necessarily landing a good job or making it big on the stage or screen.

Entrepreneurship is the key to achieving sustainable wealth, according to analyst Kimberly N. Alleyne, senior director of marketing and communications for the Association for Enterprise Opportunity in Washington, D.C.

“The other thing it does is that when you start a business you create a job. So not only is the person creating a job for him or herself but if the business proves to be profitable and that business owner is able to access the resources that he or she needs, you can hire other people and then can grow your business by expanding and hiring,” said Ms. Alleyne.
Although being an entrepreneur takes effort and self-confidence, through research and gaining access to the right people and knowledge of what is available, success can be achieved, she said. For example, there are government programs for Black women entrepreneurs, as well as networking opportunities for low income and residents of rural areas.

The recent release of Black Enterprise’s 42nd annual rankings of the nation’s top Black-owned businesses found the leading growth industries among Black entrepreneurs to be Industrial/Service companies ($21.8 billion), Auto Dealers ($8 billion) and Advertising ($308.2 million.) Investment Banking and Asset Management are on the decline.

“The BE 100s—the nation’s largest Black businesses—continue to be the standard bearers for all American enterprises, demonstrating that sustained business growth comes when ideation and innovation is wedded to execution and excellence,” said Black Enterprise Senior VP/Editor-in-Chief Derek T. Dingle. “As such, most exhibit elasticity, capability, technological adaptability and branding power in a seesaw economic recovery and hyper-competitive business environment,” he added.

“Although we have protested government and the business community for years calling for ‘jobs and justice,’ we will only approach that principle of fair dealing when entire communities negotiate not only to become employees, but also the owners of the companies that profit from our consumption,” commented economist and author Cedric Muhammad.

Economic recovery?

President Barack Obama was upbeat July 3 as he announced America has seen the fastest job growth in the first half of the year since 1999. It was also the first time there has been five consecutive months of job growth over 200,000 since that same year. Some 288,000 positions were added which was well over the previously predicted 215,000 for the month of June. Despite the good news, he stopped short of declaring total recovery.

“Now, what we also know is, as much progress as has been made, there are still folks out there who are struggling. We still have not seen as much increase in income and wages as we’d like to see,” said President Obama. “A lot of folks are still digging themselves out of challenges that arose out of the Great Recession,” he added. [READ MORE]

This Holy Month of Ramadan: Cultivate the Character of Allah in yourselves

By Imam Sultan Rahman

Ramadan Mubarak! Blessed Holy Month of Ramadan to us all!

In spirit and deed, we join nearly 2 billion Muslims around the Islamic world in the annual fast of the Holy Month of Ramadan, the 9th month of the lunar calendar. We rejoice at its coming and thank Allah (God) for another opportunity to observe the rites of self-purification of the heart, mind, body and spirit for the purpose of self-improvement to better the condition of ourselves and people through self-discipline and seeking to attain nearness to Allah (God).

It is through prescribed self-restraint, during this month, that Allah (God) says He Teaches us how to “guard against evil’ or develop Taqwa—God-consciousness. We are all equal in the Eyes of Allah, except in one way: Our duty, our God-consciousness (Taqwa). It is by our duty that Allah (God) differentiates us in accord to our vigilance of our duty toward Him and our fellow human being.

It is in this month that we are asking for Allah’s help and His mercy. It is mentioned in the Tradition of Muhammad (peace be upon him) that in the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Gates of Allah’s Mercy are opened to the Believer. We see a type of this blessing that comes upon us when we begin our fast. When we begin our fasting, we see it may be a little difficult to get into the swing of the fast, if we have not been preparing ourselves. 

Sometimes we may forget we are fasting, especially in those first few days or weeks. We might find ourselves with a mouth full of water during fasting time, two or three days into Ramadan, and in the middle of swallowing and we catch ourselves “Ahhh! My God. I’m fasting.” It is habit that when we are thirsty we drink, hungry we eat, when we want sex, we have sex, and when we want sleep—we sleep. It is this habitual behavior we pick up that makes us continue to drink, eat, have sex, and sleep even when we do not need it. 

The Month of Ramadan’s Fast is a habit breaker as it takes about 21 days to break a habit we have a month to break the ego of self. It is a common mistake that we accidently eat or drink something during the Month of Ramadan, without thinking or intentionally doing so. This makes the food or drink taken, considered to be a gift from Allah (Most High). We are granted forgiveness and should continue our fast upon recalling. This is truly a fast of Mercy. However, do not let deceptive intelligence take over and we complete a meal or a full glass of water–all the while thanking Allah (God) for His gifts! (Smile.) This would most definitely break your fast and the day missed would have to be made up. [READ MORE]



Audio Replay: Discussing The Teachings 2.0 Book Tour, Social Media and The Farrakhan Twitter Army on Clear Evidence Radio

On Thursday, July 10, I had the honor of being a guest on Clear Evidence Blog Talk Radio Show hosted by Brother Kimm and Brother Anthony of Las Vegas. This interview comes on the heels of my recent visit there for the Teachings 2.0 Book Tour. In over an hour, we discussed The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's Twitter book, the impact of the Farrakhan Twitter Army, Social Media Warfare and more.


Jasiri X releases 'America #NeverLovedUs' track in the midst of World Cup and Fourth of July patriotism

by Brother Jesse Muhammad

Jasiri X, the more important Hip-Hop artist on the scene right now in my opinion, has a keen ability to release tracks at the right moment. It's not that he's an "opportunist" in the weak sense of the word, but rather he's always in search of teachable moments to capture the attention of the people. What makes his rhymes so soul-stirring is the fact that he's LIVING this. Meaning, he's not spitting hollow bars in the booth. He IS the bars he drops. He IS an activist that's activating the masses to think, organize and act. Sometimes we forget that in order to build up a solid brand, you have the BE the brand. This is what sets the the brand of Jasiri X apart from the others: His words are congruent with his works. That makes him a rare jewel in Hip-Hop right now.

This latest release, America #NeverLovedUs, is a continuation of lyrical teachable moments with imagery that drives the point home.

"I know, with the recent run by the USA in the World Cup and the 4th of July coming up, people are feeling real patriotic. Sadly, as demonstrated by the recent death of Denzell "Jaba" Curry, the lives of people of color are still not valued, " said Jasiri X. "Inspired by the Dream Defenders #neverlovedus campaign, I decided to speak on these recent cases of American injustice over Drake's Worst Behavior instrumental."

Excessive Heat: The Importance of Proper Hydration during Ramadan

Repost By Dr. Akili Muhammad 

I am writing this for all of us who are dealing with hot temperatures and also for those who will be starting Ramadan. The most important thing to do in heat is to hydrate yourself with WATER. Please see the links below because if you believe the corporate lies that Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water, flavored water, juice or soda can hydrate you, you are highly mistaken. 

The best thing to do if you plan on being in the heat is to hydrate in the morning with 1 teaspoon of pure sea salt in a bottle of water to begin your day. Maintain a constant intake of water throughout your day. 

For those doing Ramadan, please make it a priority to drink water in the morning before sunrise. You can start with sea salt in the first bottle followed by 1 or 2 bottles more. The sea salt should not have any other ingredients in it. The salt helps pull the water into the tissues and into the cells which makes the water maintain in the body for a longer time. We SHOULD NOT concentrate on replacing our electrolytes through drinks. GOD hasn't made any water on His planet that we should be drinking with enough electrolytes to replace what we lose in sweating, breathing or urinating during strenuous activity. Electrolytes should be replaced in food such as fruits, vegetables and also cooking with sea salt. The ocean is the only source and I think we all know what would happen if you drank that type of water all day! On the evening side of our days in Ramadan we should also drink water before eating our meals. The digestion process can't happen well without water. The cleansing of the body through the liver and kidneys can't occur when the body is dry. Very similar to the earth. All of these areas in America that are in a drought is a sign of how the body doesn't work without water. So please hydrate yourself well and avoid the dangers of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. There have been plenty of deaths already this summer because of these dangerous problems so please don't believe it can't happen to YOU!

Many of the young children that are dying while playing sports are due to improper knowledge of nutrition. The many colors of different fruits and vegetables that are in the grocery store represent different nutrients and vitamins that the body NEEDS to do its daily processes. You cannot get those nutrients from hamburgers, hot dogs, burritos, fried chicken, noodles, chips, hot fries, candy or soda. You need to eat plenty fruits and vegetables to be healthy as a human and if you add the athlete’s schedule, it takes more than the average person. BUT, the biggest problem is hydration. Most athletes think that Gatorade, PowerAde and Vitamin Water are good replacement drinks. THEY ARE NOT. These drinks have a lot of coloring and additives that are not natural and they will not hydrate you as well as fruit juice and water. The blue, red, orange, green and so on colors of these drinks are man made food colorings. You do not see these colors come out in your urine nor in your stool so that is another thing the body has to work hard to deal with. The colors in fruit juices are used by the body to help it exist. It is important to hydrate yourself during the game but it is most important everyday as well as before and after the game. The heat in the summer is the source by which we lose most of our fluids. We lose fluid when we sweat and when we breathe in addition to urinating. My suggestion would be to drink mostly water (should be bottled because we cannot trust tap water) and periodically through the day drink 100% fruit juice (orange, apple, grape, grapefruit, cranberry etc.; organic would be the best). 

A lot of medical people suggest that people drink 8 eight ounce glasses of water per day. That is not good information. People come in all different sizes and shapes. The only way to determine whether you are drinking enough water/fluids is to watch your urine every time you go to the bathroom. Your urine should be as close to clear as you can get it. If your urine is yellow, dark yellow or orange, your body is dehydrated. Give your body what it needs and drink more water. Some coaches and schools have agreements or contracts with these drink companies, so some schools will have plenty Gatorade and PowerAde around. You would be better off bringing your own fluids.


The Logos Publishing Presents Common Unity (Community) Literacy Event in Houston

The Logos Publishing Presents: Common Unity (Community) Literacy Event

 “It is imperative that our youth develop the desire to acquire knowledge. This knowledge must be a requisite knowledge that relates to self identity, purpose, and self reliance”-Author Adon Author, Adon Laster is a Native Houstonian who grew up predominantly inside the inner city loop.

With an exposure to the inner city elements of poverty, crime, and ignorance, Adon developed a passion for the innocent victims of a vicious environment that containmanated many. With aspirations of being a banker or a business owner when he was young; his primary purpose was for helping people. But without proper guidance and mentorship and a conducive environment; some aspirations died, but his passion to help people never receded.

The Logos Publishing is one of Adon’s Businesses that was manifested with the intent of reciprocating the quality of literature that change lives. Adon’s book, ICY, was birth out of personal and vivicariuos experience with only one Intent: To educate the youth. ICY is about all of the city elements that he and so many others weren’t educated on realistically. ICY attempt to do just the opposite.

On Sat. July 5, 2014 from noon-4pm at Hutcheson Park(US610&Lockwood) The Logos Publishing is inviting the Kashmere Garden/FifthWard community out the Meet, Greet, and Inspire, with some positive male images and much more. We want to invite the parents out so we can exchange information about the educational challenges for the 21st century. Also we will have authors’ educators, community leaders and free snowcones from 12pm-4pm. 

This is a common unity(community) event and we are asking just for a small donation of your time; everything else won’t cost you a dime.

For more info contact: dlast8@yahoo.com Office:872-588-5971 Manger/Publisher- Adon


Discussing The Abuse of Black Women & Encouraging Black Fathers on WHCR's Harlem 411 Radio Show

On June 21, I was back as a guest on WHCR's popular radio show Harlem 411 hosted by Brother Haja. It has been my honor to be a guest news commentator on their show for nearly nine years. During this segment at the bottom of the hour, we delved into the latest cover story of The Final Call Newspaper on horror of young Blacks girls and women forced into prostitution and sex slavery inside America. We also talked about the recent Day of Encouragement for Black Fathers hosted by Project FORWARD in Houston on Father's Day.


Student Minister Rasul Muhammad posts touching Facebook message about his father, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad

Brother Rasul Muhammad, student minister under the leadership of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, took to Facebook on "Father's Day" to share touching reflections of his father, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Eternal Leader of The Nation of Islam. I just HAD to repost this!

Brother Rasul posted on June 15:

"I usually do not celebrate these so-called celebratory days. But today, my daughters are making over me so much that it has made me really miss my Father. Not the Elijah Muhammad you have variant feelings over, I just miss my Dad. Sometimes I get tied of engaging people in debates over his mission, his identity, and GOD-forsaken interpretations of what people say He said and meant. Sometimes I wish you all could have known just how 'funny' He was, and how He would teach us as children about EVERYTHING with a touch of humor. And most of all, how affectionately LOVING He was with us and thoughtful down to candies and gifts that just said I LOVE you. My Father told me with his arms around me.. I LOVE YOU! My Father envisioned some of our futures and prayed all night long once that ALLAH would make God's out of His sons.
You see, for me while I am grateful to ALLAH for the man my Father has become, He never had to be anything more than my Dad for me to be proud to be one of his sons.. Thank You ALLAH (GOD / DIOS) for my Father the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad on this day and for the rest of life and everything I do with your Permission!"