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With today’s social media outlets supplying nearly 80 percent of its users with local, national and global updates, most of those who are seeking top news stories end up on information overload. It has become a challenge for the general public to find sources that are reliable, creative, intelligent and downright interesting. Well for those who are avid “bloggies” you may be familiar with the award-winning Brother Jesse Blog, which is the perfect combination of all the above plus a punch of spiritual prowess. For the very first time since its initial debut in 2007, Brother Jesse Blog is receiving a major update and complete overhaul by moving from the Blogger platform to a sleek, interactive and edgy WordPress design! 

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20th Annual Martial Arts Seminar to be hosted by Grand Master Anthony Muhammad in Chicago

Grand Master Anthony Muhammad, Founder of the United Schools of Survival, will be hosting his 20th Annual Martial Arts Seminar on July 31, 2015 through August 2, 2015.

We are trying to make an impact on society with training and preparing individuals, children, men and women to have what is necessary to defend themselves from rapists, child molesters, kidnappers, domestic violence and any other aggressive attack that comes to harm them. The number of violent incidents are skyrocketing all over the country and too many deaths are occurring because of bullying and racially motivated attacks.

The seminar will not only teach self-defense techniques, but it will deal with overcoming fear; knowing your surroundings, destroying the victim mentality and how not to become a victim. 

Friday, July 31: The seminar will open at 6:00pm with the world renown championship fighter, Soke Lil John Davis and Grand Master Robert Crosson. Both were students of the late Great Legend, Doctor Moses Powell. A meet and greet will follow.

Saturday, Aug.1: We will begin with our Children's and Women's Self Defense Seminar at 9:00am. The open seminar begins at 1:00pm and ends at 4:00pm. Here there will be Senseis, Masters and Grand Masters from all over the country and the Caribbean, who will share their skills and expertise in the martial arts.

Grand Master Anthony Muhammad is someone known throughout the world for his lifelong training under the late Great Doctor Moses Powell and under Soke Lil John Davis. He has taught and supervised schools throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. He is also known for his security work with dignitaries, entertainers and the movie industry.

Don't miss the opportunity to train with the Masters. Your life may depend on it! Go to: www.thevskjiujitsu.com to register for seminar and hotel. You can call 773.769.7017 for more information.

Dr. Martin Luther King not a 'Dreamer': "We may be integrating into a burning house.”

by NOI Research Group

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has asked all people to study the last speeches of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and to reflect on the evolution of his message—from one of an integrationist “Dreamer” in 1963, to one of a true wide-awake revolutionary in 1968 when he was murdered. 

It is clear that Dr. King began to consider The Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad had profound relevance to the struggle for Black freedom in America. Dr. King and his wife Coretta met with The Hon. Elijah Muhammad at his Chicago home on February 24, 1966. Privately, Dr. King indicated a true shift in his belief that the pursuit of “integration” through “non-violent” civil rights struggle would be the answer to the righteous demands of his oppressed people.  In the last days of his life, Dr. King confided in his friend Harry Belafonte:

“You know, we fought long and hard for integration...But I tell you, Harry, I’ve come on a realization that really deeply troubles me. I’ve come to the realization that I think we may be integrating into a burning house.”

In 1967, Dr. King, asked, “Why does White America delude itself, and how does it rationalize the evil it retains?” He said White people’s belief in the fairness of America “is a fantasy of self-deception and comfortable vanity.”
His indictment of White America grew harsher and unsparing:

“White Americans left the Negro on the ground and in devastating numbers walked off with the aggressor. It appeared that the White segregationist and the ordinary White citizen had more in common with one another than either had with the Negro.”

Incredibly, he even conceded, “there are points at which I see the necessity for temporary separation as a temporary way-station to a truly integrated society.”

By 1968, Dr. King was unequivocal about the country and the war to which White America and many negro leaders were irrevocably faithful:

“And I am sad to say that the nation in which we live is the supreme culprit. God didn’t call America to engage in a senseless, unjust war, as the war in Vietnam. And we are criminals in that war. We have committed more war crimes almost than any nation in the world, and I’m going to continue to say it.”

In his very last speech in Memphis in the midst of the striking sanitation workers on April 3, 1968, Dr. King was speaking of BLACK RETALIATION against the forces of wickedness using “the power of economic withdrawal.” 

“Up to now,” he taught, “only the garbage men have been feeling pain; now we must kind of redistribute the pain.”

The United States government spied on Dr. King and attempted to make his life a living hell and ultimately, they were responsible for the death of our brother on that Memphis motel balcony at 39 years of age. His intellectual and spiritual journey into the mind of God may have been nearly complete. Among Dr. King’s personal effects were notes of a speech he was preparing to deliver on that Sunday titled: “Why America May Go To Hell.” [READ MORE] 

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Minister Louis Farrakhan's Message to Hip-Hop community under attack from the ADL regarding #JusticeOrElse

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivers a serious message to his friends in the Hip-Hop community, who are under attack by his enemies for meeting with him and supporting the upcoming 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March 10-10-15. #JusticeOrElse


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on 'Sway in the Morning' #JusticeOrElse

Photo by Jesse Muhammad

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sat down with Sway for an in-depth, candid and unparalleled conversation about the domestic injustice from our Government towards its citizens, global injustices from our Government, as well as his personal relationship with Brother Malcolm X and plans for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington, D.C. Watch the show below, Order CD/DVD for your library @ http://store.finalcall.com:


The Breakfast Club interviews Minister Farrakhan: "Our young people represent the strongest and the best generation that we ever had"

NEW YORK (FinalCall.com) - The “World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show” may have lived up to its name with a powerful appearance by Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan on “The Breakfast Club,” a popular syndicated hip hop program.

The 82-year-old leader was energetic, spirited and passionate in his words to Breakfast Club hosts Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee.

“Every generation that we have produced has confronted White racism. It doesn’t get better,” said Min. Farrakhan in the full roughly 90-minute interview.

“We are 50 years now from the March on Washington with Dr. King and the civil rights movement; and a few months ago we were in Selma celebrating ‘Bloody Sunday’ that made Lyndon Baines Johnson sign a Voting Rights bill, and Congress did that—and in 2013, the Supreme Court comes back and guts the protection aspect of the bill.  So where are we?  Can we really keep going like this?  Or is it better—since we’re going to die anyway:  Why not make a difference, and pay the price to be free?”

The Minister’s main topic was “Justice Or Else!” the theme of the upcoming 20th anniversary gathering of the Million Man March scheduled for Oct. 10 in the Nation’s Capitol.

There was no generation gap here as the man who counted Malcolm X as a mentor and bows to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as his teacher spoke words that had Twitter—and young people—on fire. “Farrakhan” trended for hours as a hot topic and social media sites were lit up June 5.

The Minister stressed the need for Black America to make a serious decision about its response to and its future as police killings and assaults, racial oppression, mass incarceration and disrespect for Black life seems to know no limit inside America.

“Damn it, if we can’t get justice, if we can’t have peace; if our children are dying in the streets, and there is no redress for our grievances, why the hell should we stay here and continue to live like this?” he asked.

“And then join an army, and go somewhere and fight for the same damn enemy that’s doing what he’s doing to us?  We’ve got to make a serious decision and there’s not much time left to play with life, and to play with the future of our children.

“And all these weak leaders, that are apologists for tyranny:  They have to get out of the way,” said Min. Farrakhan.

“Because our children are angry … I would not mislead them in their anger to do something to get them killed or slaughtered; but there is a verse in the Qur’an that says ‘persecution is worse than slaughter.’”

He applauded Floyd “Money” Mayweather for breaking from boxing promoter Bob Arum to earn $30 million in a single fight by forming his own company. He advised the boxer to carefully watch those who come to help with investment and other advice and to be aware of the conniving that exists in the hearts of those who hate Black independence and Black success. [READ MORE]


Online Petition: Lift the unjust ban excluding Minister Farrakhan from entering the UK

(Source: Change.org) For 30 years, the HONOURABLE MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN has been excluded from entering the United Kingdom on grounds that have never been fully justified.
As the National Representative of the Nation of Islam, The Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been a lifelong campaigner against war, poverty and discrimination. We believe that freedom of speech ought to prevail in the UK and that it is time for Minister Farrakhan’s unique voice to be heard in this country.
Minister Farrakhan has been banned from the UK since 16 January 1986 on the vaguely defined grounds that “his presence would not be conducive to the public good.”
In response to an appeal by Minister Farrakhan’s European representative, Hilary Muhammad, Justice Turner judged on 1 October 2001 that the Secretary of State was required to demonstrate objective justification for excluding Mr Farrakhan from this country. Objective justification was not found.
However, the judgment was nonetheless overturned by then Home Office Minister, David Blunkett. The grounds again offered only non-specific reasoning.
Now 82 years of age, Minister Farrakhan maintains a grueling work schedule. He has travelled the world spreading a message of atonement, reconciliation and responsibility. His Million Man March inspired nearly 2 million men to convene in Washington, D.C. His work has promoted the right to an education for all, while opposing war and injustice.
We appeal to you to allow freedom of speech to prevail, so that his voice may be heard in the UK. #freespeechforALL2015 #FRKN2015

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The Teachings 2.0 Book & Social Media Warfare Tour f/ Brother Jesse Muhammad visits Chicago

“I’m not here to teach you how to take a better selfie. I’m here to talk about Social Media Warfare.” – Brother Jesse Muhammad (4/11/15 – Chicago, IL)
History was made at the National Center of the Nation Of Islam in ways that could only be articulated as a modern technology in motion. In conjunction with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaking twice in a single day in Atlanta, Georgia, members of the mighty Farrakhan Twitter Army hosted The Teachings 2.0 Book and Social Media Warfare Tour featuring Brother Jesse Muhammad of Houston, Texas. Brother Jesse currently serves as the social media strategist for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and is the liaison to the ever-growing Farrakhan Twitter Army.
The Social Media Warfare Seminar took place on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at The Salaam Restaurant located at 700 W. 79th Street in the heart of South Chicago.
Sister Kenya Muhammad, one of event organizers, gave a warm welcome to those in attendance and also served at the hostess introducing each speaker.
The seminar began with Halimah Nia Muhammad of Detroit, Michigan who presented on the “Power of Modesty”. Her opening words would set the tone for the entire program. “What we see on social media is not of God, so I come before you saying there is No God but Allah!”
Sister Halimah spoke against the morally depraved mainstream fashion trends and promoted the beauty of being a modest model for God. She elaborated on how the world’s definition of beauty has ill-effected women and young girls. She explained how it damages the self-esteem of a woman to attempt to measure up to the loose fashion trends of today.
The Salaam Ballroom was packed with many young faces, families, as well as a few of the Student Officials of Mosque Maryam.
The next presentation was a live performance from Cincinnati-based Hip Hop artist, Brother Michael 6X. He has been accompanying Brother Jesse on The Teachings Tour performing what has been affectionately called “The Teachings 2.0 anthem” that describes the contents of the Twitter Book and the power it contains. Brother Michael engaged the crowd with his masterful demonstration of righteous Hip Hop.
Following the live performance was what everyone had been waiting for. The honored guest speaker, Brother Jesse Muhammad, and his presentation of the “Social Media Warfare” seminar.
Brother Jesse opened up thanking the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for his work, dedication and love in the Mission of resurrecting the spiritually dead. He also thanked the Student National Assistant to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Brother Ishmael Muhammad, and his staff for the opportunity to bring The Teachings Tour to Chicago.

Brother Jesse began to give the backdrop of The Teachings Tour as well as the hashtag #AskFarrakhan.
He delved into The Supreme Wisdom lessons as it refers to The Lion seeking a way of out of the cage using modern equipment. “We think we’re going to attract these young people with what we used to do”, Brother Jesse said. “Most people are more comfortable with old problems than they are with new solutions”.

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Justice for Freddie Gray! Marilyn Mosby’s unprecedented indictment against 6 police officers

Marilyn Mosby
BALTIMORE (FinalCall.com) - Marilyn J. Mosby’s decision to charge six officers in connection with the death of Freddie Gray sent shockwaves across the country.

The young state’s attorney’s decision was almost unprecedented in the speed with which the charges were filed, her independence from the city police department and her refusal to pass the buck in a highly charged case.

“No one is above the law,” she declared May 1. She listed charges against Officer Caesar Goodson Jr., 45: Second-degree depraved murder, manslaughter, second-degree assault, two counts of vehicular manslaughter charges and misconduct in office. Officer William Porter, 25: Involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault and misconduct in office. 

Lt. Brian Rice, 41: Involuntary manslaughter, two counts of second-degree assault, two counts of misconduct in office and false imprisonment. Officer Edward Nero, 29: Two counts of second-degree assault, two counts of misconduct in office and false imprisonment. Officer Garrett Miller, 26: Two counts of second-degree assault, two counts of misconduct in office and one false imprisonment charge. Sgt. Alicia White, 30: Involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault and misconduct in office.

“Sgt. Alicia White, Officer Porter and Officer Goodson observed Mr. Gray unresponsive on the floor of the wagon. Sgt. White who is responsible for investigating two citizen complaints pertaining to Mr. Gray’s illegal arrest spoke to the back of Mr. Gray’s head,” said the state’s attorney.

“When he did not respond, she did nothing further despite the fact that she was advised that he needed a medic. She made no effort to look or assess or determine his condition.”

“Despite Mr. Gray’s seriously deteriorating medical condition, no medical assistance was rendered or summoned for Mr. Gray at that time by any officer,” she continued. “Mr. Gray was rushed to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma where he underwent surgery. On April 19, 2015, Mr. Gray succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead. 

The manner of death deemed homicide by the Maryland Medical Examiner is believed to be the result of a fatal injury that occurred while Mr. Gray was unrestrained by a seatbelt in custody of the Baltimore Police Department wagon.” [READ MORE]


Brother Jesse encourages youth across the country on the power of social media for #TheTeachingsTour

There are some people who talk about what needs to be done to improve the issues that plague our communities, and those who restlessly move out on those ideas to make an impact. Renowned journalist, blogger, and motivational speaker, Jesse Muhammad, would be among the latter. Known by most as simply Brother Jesse, the Houston-native has become a respected change-maker through his ongoing commitment to serving others and encouraging Black youth in particular to recognize their greatness. It’s an honor to share his current widespread effort – The Teachings Tour. 
A seasoned social media strategist, Brother Jesse has been on a non-stop mission to use the power of the Internet to spread awareness and positivity, while continuing hands-on actions within the community.
In promotion of his latest project, he has embarked on the “The Teachings 2.0″ book tour, taking a message of empowerment initiated by the work of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan to young people across the country. After creating a huge youth-led movement of thought-provoking and spiritually enlightening tweets by assisting Minister Farrakhan with his social media presence – which has incited powerful dialogue under the highly-popular #AskFarrakhan and #TheTime hashtags – the first edition of “The Teachings 2.0″ was released last year as a much anticipated compilation of the Minister’s tweets of wisdom. [READ MORE]


Thousands of women hear powerful message from Min. Farrakhan on their value, their gifts and the vital role in the survival of Black America

By Starla Muhammad

CHICAGO (FinalCall.com) - Mounting the rostrum at Mosque Maryam at the Nation of Islam’s headquarters, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, with a beaming smile, stood before a packed audience of women, teens and girls, and delivered an insightful and impactful message with the gentle protectiveness and loving firmness of a father, big brother and protector. He spoke on the value and importance of the woman as a co-creator with God who must be respected and protected in the face of injustices and abuses they face globally. 

The Muslim leader explained the meaning and purpose of the all women’s class established in the Nation of Islam called the Muslim Girls Training and General Civilization Class (M.G.T and G.C.C.) and the value of the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in rebuilding, educating and elevating in particular, the Black woman during the “Save Our Girls: A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than Its Woman” program April 18 which was broadcast via internet webcast in Nation of Islam mosques and study groups in the U.S., Caribbean, Europe and other countries.
Mosque Maryam was packed and overflow crowds viewed the program next door in the gymnasium at Muhammad University of Islam.

The M.G.T. class meets every Saturday and is for registered women and girls of the Nation of Islam, but was opened up for this historic and unique program for all women and girls. 

Min. Farrakhan thanked Sandy Muhammad, National M.G.T. Student Captain of the Nation of Islam, who coordinates and oversees the women’s class and all of the Chicago presenters who demonstrated on the world stage, the gifts, skills and talents the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad cultivates within Nation of Islam women through the study and practical application of specifically designed Training Units. The teachings promote spiritual and moral development, intellectual pursuits, proper home and family life, self-love and skills such as sewing, cooking, entrepreneurship,  and self-defense.

The powerful program at Mosque Maryam showcased each of the units with women teaching about the value and place of women, spiritual values, moral virtues and other important subjects alongside a fashion show, with clothing designed by and created by Muslim women, a military drill exhibition and a martial arts exhibition.

“Such a beautiful and seamless program. If I had a vest on, all the buttons on my vest would have been busted by now,” he said smiling. The Minister said that watching the two-hour presentations he was overwhelmed and it brought tears to his eyes.

“As I thought of him who taught me and taught us, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, how proud he is to see you marching forward as Muslim women and girls to show the world what a righteous woman looks like,” said Min. Farrakhan as the audience applauded [READ MORE]


Houston Press Conference to Focus on the Extreme Health Care Crisis of Political Prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal

April 12, 2015

Contact:  Gloria Rubac      713-503-2633
                Liliana Noonan  281-732 7106 (español)             


Houston Press Conference to Focus on the Extreme Health Care Crisis of Political Prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal; Activists Demand No Execution by Medical Neglect

Houstonians will gather at the Mickey Leland Federal Building, 1919 Smith Street, for a press conference at 5:00 p.m. on Monday April 13, to highlight the critical health crisis of political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Abu-Jamal is an internationally celebrated African American writer and radio journalist. He is the author of six books and hundreds of columns and articles. He is a former member of the Black Panther Party and a supporter of the MOVE organization who has spent the last 30 years in prison, almost all of it in solitary confinement on Pennsylvania’s death row.

Abu-Jamal was tried, convicted and sentenced to death in 1982 for the murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner, an incident which took place on December 9, 1981. Following the October, 2011 Supreme Court ruling that vacated his death sentence, Abu-Jamal was put into the general prison population in January 2012.

In January of this year, Abu-Jamal asked for treatment for an increasingly serious skin problem that spread over his entire body. He was treated with antibiotics and steroids which caused a severe allergic reaction. He was admitted to the infirmary.

On February 17 Mumia weighed 268 pounds. When he was discharged from the infirmary a week later he had lost over twenty pounds. On March 30, when he was taken to the hospital in a diabetic shock with his blood sugar at almost 800, his weight had dropped to 184 pounds.

“Like his wife, children and supporters around the world, we believe that the prison is killing Mumia by medical neglect. We will not stand by while they murder him,” said activist Joanne Gavin with the Abolition Movement. “We will make phone calls to the prison head and to the Pennsylvania governor. We will protest and notify the media. We will raise money for his family to make the trips necessary to visit Mumia and monitor his condition. And we demand Mumia be allowed the private doctors of his choice.”