Beyond Bylines: 3 Steps to Becoming an Award-Winning Blogger

by Jessica Alas (Source: PRNewswireMedia)

Landing an industry award has the potential to boost your career to the next level. Unfortunately, when you are part of a minority group, you may find yourself competing for nominations in a limited amount of categories. 

The same holds true for bloggers, who without comprehensive minority blog awards, often struggle to get the recognition they deserve. 

For many Black bloggers, winning an industry award that recognizes the best Black blogs has an even deeper significance. 

“Those awards opened doors for me in terms of guest blogging for other major sites, being invited to keynote social media events and has expanded the reach of my blog,” says African-American blogger Jesse Muhammad (@brotherjesse). 

Muhammad has been blogging for more than seven years and says the Black Weblog Awards have inspired him to be a better blogger and serve his readers. 

It’s also connected him with fellow Black bloggers. His blog jessemuhammad.blogs.finalcall.com has received multiple nominations over the years, including Blog of the Year, Best Personal Blog, and Best Microblog. This year, he won Best Twitter Feed. 

According to Gina McCauley (@blkweblogawards), who organizes the Black Weblog Awards, new categories were added this year to recognize excellence in all of the popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Nonetheless, she explains the Black Weblog Awards always will be blog-centric because it’s important African-Americans own and control their own platforms. 

“As awesome and influential as some of the free services are, we don’t own them, but they are an important part of the social media communities we’ve built,” she says. 

Muhammad and McCauley share the following tips to make the most of your blog. [Read Full Article]


[Audio Replay] Ferguson under siege: A conversation on the power of Discipline Unity and Faith

On November 18, I was guest alongside a panel of others on Just Us and You Blog Talk Radio Show hosted by Attorney Pamela Muhammad, Amatullah Muhammad and Attorney Athill Muhammad. The topic was "Ferguson under siege: A conversation on the power of Discipline Unity and Faith." Click here to listen to the replay.


From #Ferguson to Geneva: Parents of Mike Brown take the struggle to United Nations forum

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (Finalcall.com) - A delegation including the parents of Michael Brown, Jr., was headed to Geneva, Switzerland to present the case of their son slain by a White police officer in Ferguson, Mo., before a United Nations body at Final Call press time.

The group was led by Attorney Justin Hansford, a professor at the St. Louis University School of Law and a member of the Don’t Shoot coalition.

Attorney Hansford is very hopeful putting the case before the 53rd Session of the United Nations Committee Against Torture, which convenes Nov. 3-28, will bring attention to the constant violation of human rights, racial profiling and police brutality towards Black and Brown communities in America. The delegation departed Nov. 11.

“In the absence of justice from the local, state, and federal government, the family of Michael Brown and Ferguson protesters is ready to take our case before the global community,” said the opening to a report submitted by the delegation. “The goal is not only to achieve justice in Ferguson, but to unite governments around the world against the human rights violations that result from racial profiling and police violence,” it continued. Parents Michael Brown, Sr., and Lesley McSpadden were expected to make presentations Nov. 12 and Nov. 13 as part of a focus on police brutality inside the United States—and in Ferguson, Mo.

“On one of the worst nights of police violence, Sunday, August 17, 2014, police launched tear gas into crowds without warning even before the state imposed curfew went into effect and numerous children were tear gassed, including some young enough to be in strollers,” the report posted on fergusontogeneva.org said. “Eyewitnesses report that they were unable to escape the gas. That evening, police justified the indiscriminate tear gassing of several hundreds, including children, by the arrest of seven or eight people who may have engaged in unlawful behavior. The St. Louis Children’s hospital announced that it did indeed treat children who suffered from tear gas exposure, and photos of an eight-year-old victim were widely circulated.” [Read more] 



Discussing #BlackLivesMatter, the Teachings 2.0 of Minister Farrakhan and social media warfare on Thru The Eyes of Faith

On November 8, I was a guest on Thru The Eyes of Faith Blog Talk Radio Show hosted by Imani Muhammad of Portland, Oregon. We discussed why #BlackLivesMatter, The Teachings 2.0 Twitter book of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, the Farrakhan Twitter Army, national issues and more. Click below and listen

Check Out Current Events Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Thru The Eyes of Faith on BlogTalkRadio


Black Men accepted responsibility and ‘Manned Up’ as they flooded the streets of New Orleans

Hundreds of Black men took to the streets of New Orleans for the Man Up March. (All photos by Peter Nakhid)

By: Rhodesia Muhammad 

New Orleans, La. - Hundreds of Black men could be heard chanting, “Man Up,” as they marched through the streets of New Orleans to the beat of Djembe drums in commemoration of the 19th Anniversary of the Historic Million Man March. Black men from all walks of life answered the call to action by Brother Willie Muhammad, student minister of Muhammad Mosque No. 46 of the Nation of Islam, Saturday, October 25, 2014 and made their presence known throughout the community. The march began at 9am at Hunter’s Field and ended at Congo Square in Treme' where the rally was held.

Recognizing that the wretched condition of the Black community was weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of many in the city, Brother Willie reached out to other community activists to aid in the galvanizing of 1,000 Black men to commemorate the Historic Million Man March and to reinvigorate hope in the restoration of Black men in the city of New Orleans.

“I sought advice and support from some of the many people whose work in the community I respect. I shared the idea with them, asked them to help, and they immediately agreed to do so. What better time to do so than during the time when the greatest gathering of Black men in America took place?”

From that conversation, the Local Organizing Committee was formed which included: Brother Shack of the True Love Movement, Sister Meshawn Siddiq of Mosque #46, Brother Lloyd Dennis of Silverback Society, Greg Rattler of the Fatherhood Consortium, Walter Umrani, of Mosque No. 46 and Oliver Thomas, Host to the Morning Show on WBOK of 1230.

The group began meeting weekly to plan the Man Up March in late June. The organizing committee officially launched the planning and promotion of the march/rally on August 9. Following the blueprint that was used to make the Historic Million Man March a success, the organizers invited one hundred community activists to a community meeting to share with them the ideas behind the march/rally and to ask each of them to make a commitment to recruiting ten Black men to attend the October 25 event. The meeting was a success. The room was filled and everyone was excited about the upcoming march/rally.

“Our community is a wheel, and our people are the spokes in it. Through the process of tuning, each one of us must adjust the tension of our respective spokes in order for our community to have the quality ride it deserves and once that wheel makes a complete turn, it is at such time we will have revolution,” said Brother Shack, when asked about the success of the August 9th meeting. Immediately, organizers began working diligently to setup meetings with various organizations, social aide & pleasure clubs, churches, Hip-Hop community members and others seeking their participation and support.

“This march will be the defining moment for black men in this city. This is the time and this is what must be done, for our wives, our children, our community and indeed for our very existence,” stated Brother Asad, a local entrepreneur and member of the local organizing committee.

“The purpose for the Man Up March is to address several issues that are impacting the Black community and overall city. We want our community to see a large gathering of Black men from diverse backgrounds standing together in solidarity. This event will not just be a march and a rally. This is not a one day event. I see this march/rally as an extension of our years of work in this city. This march/rally is a call to action to address eight key issues impacting our community as well as commemorating the Historic Million Man March,” stated Brother Willie Muhammad.

Those categories included Prison and Education reform, Arts & Culture, Political Engagement, Youth Development, Health, Violence Reduction, and Economic Development. For each targeted area an independent panel determined which groups would represent each area on the day of the march/rally. The goal was to get every man to sign up and begin service work to effect a change in those specific areas.

Some of the activists and organizers present included, Pastor Corey Washington, who opened the ceremony with prayer. Former New Orleans Councilman, Oliver Thomas, welcomed those in attendance. There were also speakers representing one of the eight categories, which included Lloyd Dennis of Silverback Society (Youth Development), Walter Umrani of New Orleans Peace Keepers (Violence Reduction), Dr. Calvin Mackie of (STEM Nola) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (Education), Pastor Pat Bryant of Justice and Beyond (Political Engagement), Pastor Bruce Davenport of St. John #5 STDs/HIV (Health), Baba Luther Gray of Ashe Cultural Arts Center (Arts & Culture), Norris Henderson of (V.O.T.E) Voice of the Ex-offender (Prison Reform), and Attorney Ernest Jones of (AALP) the African American Leadership Project (Economic Development). Other organizations that supported the Man Up March included several African American Fraternities, various religious communities, Price Hall Masons, members of the Rastafarian community and representatives of the local and regional chapters of the NAACP.

The Local Organizing Committee also used the power of Hip Hop to help promote the Man Up March as well. “I think the use of Hip Hop music made younger people who may or may not have paid attention gravitate towards the march and rally,” said New Orleans Hip Hop artist, J-Lyric, who participated in the recording of the Man Up March Anthem.

Other participants on the Man Up March Anthem were New Orleans Hip Hop artists P.M., Cfreedom, Kunta Fly Snooka, Peter Muhammad, Young Pro, Mannie King, and Truth Universal. The lyrics contained content about Black History, the significance of Minister Farrakhan to our people’s liberation and the call for Black men to Man up. The video will be released soon. The MGT and Jr. MGT also came together to create a song to help promote the march and the challenges that Black males in America are faced with.

Even though the call was for 1000 plus men; on the day of the march it was very evident that the organizers were not trying to overlook the value of women in their community. One of the memorable moments of that day was when the men entered into Congo Square and were greeted by the many Black women anxiously awaiting their arrival. Some held up signs and some wore, “We Value the Black Man” T-shirts, while repeating, “We love you Black Man.” The brothers were greatly touched by the sister’s reception of them. Some brothers shared how the sight of the sisters cheering them on caused their eyes to water. Amongst the women in support of the march were speakers, Carole Bebelle, Russ Ramsey, and Meshawn Siddiq.

The Man up March was an opportunity to reverberate the actions of the Million Man March. Minister Farrakhan asked Black men to recommit themselves to being better fathers, husbands, brothers, sons and men in general, confront contemporary social realities of life, shoulder responsibility, and reconcile differences between each other. This sentiment was passionately expressed by a well-respected community activist in New Orleans.

Jerome Smith, leader of the Treme Community Center, addressed the crowd by saying, “I need not tell you what to do because you were told on that day in Washington, D.C., by the Minister to come back home and do service. Where are you this morning?" he asked, reminding everyone of what Minister Farrakhan asked of them at the original march in 1995.

The musical performances and spoken word artists was reminiscent of the traditional New Orleans culture. The brothers were serenaded by New Orleans female vocalist, Tank of Tank and the Bangas as she sung “Black Brother” by Angie Stone. Members of the poet community performed several of their pieces as well. Black men surrounded the platform to pay homage to the community workers who passed away and shouted, “Long live the spirit, of the Million Man March!” Believers in the Nation of Islam and supporters of the march traveled from all over the Southwest and Southern regions to be a part of this defining moment in the city of New Orleans. The reactions to the message of the many speakers produced an atmosphere of harmony and brotherly love.

“It was an honor today to stand in solidarity with so many brothers for change. There were young brothers, older brothers, NOI, Rastas, Nation of Gods & Earths, Christians, Muslims, hood brothers, suburban brothers, poets, preachers, babies and sisters supporting them. I know I said I wasn't marching anymore but I'll never forget this day,” said Lautew Earth, who attended the march with her family.

The response to the Man Up March/Rally has been great. The social media sites are flooded with pictures of men who attended the Man Up March/Rally.

 “The 1,000 man March/Rally was indeed a success with the men who walked and the females whom greeted us upon our arrival at Armstrong Park,” said Shedrick Roy, who brought a 9 year old young child with him. “To walk in that park and see two of my favorite females was touching. They were putting stickers on the men and saying supportive things. The 9 year old and myself were happy and felt a sense of pride! Thanks Minister Willie Muhammad for doing what so many wouldn't. I only pray that more people will participate in future events. My vision is an event on a business day morning on Poydras and Claiborne, Rampart and Canal, which will bring traffic to a pedestrian halt! In hopes of economic parity, we must wake up as a people,” he continued.

The rally concluded with Brotha Shack echoing the Million Man March pledge and reminding men to strive to improve themselves spiritually, morally, mentally, socially, politically and economically for the benefit of themselves, their families, and their people.

Some of the initiatives that will be planned after the march will focus more on countering the negative image of Black men. Man Up organizers are also planning a city wide atonement meeting to help resolve conflicts between groups and activists.


Hurt2Healing Presents "Turning Wounds Into Wisdom" - The Women of Transformation Summit in Houston

On December 13, 2014, Hurt2Healing Magazine will come off of the pages to provide an empowering experience with dynamic speakers and expert panelists who will tell their story and provide sound guidance. This will be a very interactive session. Domestic Violence and sexual abuse is an epidemic that affects women and girls all over the world. On this day, shame and loneliness will shed like the ashes from the Phoenix Bird

"On December 13th, attendees will experience the power they've had all along and claim the life they deserve, the magnificent purpose God Created them to fulfill", says Ebony S. Muhammad, the Publisher of Hurt2Healing magazine. 

“We are in a state of suffering that can no longer be ignored or be categorized as another case study or statistic", she continued.

Ms. Muhammad is sounding the alarm. She is calling together all women and girls ages 10 and up for a day that will be the catalyst to transforming Wounds Into Wisdom

According to VictimsOfCrime.org, 1 out of 5 girls are a victim of child sexual abuse. 20% of self-report studies show that adult females experience sexual assault or abuse. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 1 out of 5 women have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime. 1 out of 5 women (19.3 million) experienced stalking victimization during their lifetime in which they felt very fearful or believed that they or someone close to them would be harmed or killed

"The troubling fact about these statistics is that these are only the reported cases. Imagine the countless cases that have gone unreported...it's unimaginable", said Ms. Muhammad. Those who are victims of such crimes are likely to experience severe depression, suicidal thoughts or worse, losing their life at the hands of their tormentor. 

Ms. Muhammad concluded with these words,"It's time to gather all women and girls for a life-changing experience that will not only arm them in the case of prevention, but also initiate a healing from their pain to be transformed. Our suffering in silence is OVER!" 

Featured guest presenters include international award-winning speaker, Kelly Sargeant, who is also a survivor/victor of child molestation; Attorney Sadiyah Evangelista, who is a survivor/victor of child molestation and domestic violence and Mavis Jackson, who is a survivor/victor of domestic violence and substance abuse. In addition to the speakers the expert panelists include Deric Muhammad, a Houston-based Activist and the Founder of Hurt2Healing; Charissa Hall, Licensed Professional Counselor and Charlene Muhammad, the National Correspondent for The Final Call News and Founder of Pumps on the Ground.

Join Hurt2Healing Magazine on December 13, 2014  at the Shrine of the Black Madonna Cultural Center, 5309 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, Houston, Texas 77021. There will be live performances, giveaways as well as food and beverages. This event is free and open to the public for women and girls ages 10 and up. [Click here for more information]

Investigation continues in Grand Rapids, Michigan: What happened to Nation of Islam Student Minister Robert D. Muhammad?

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.  (Source: FinalCall.com) - The Nation of Islam has called in forensic specialists and private investigators to look deeply into the circumstances surrounding the suspicious death of the leader of the Nation of Islam’s study group here.

Robert Dion Muhammad, the 39-year-old leader of the Nation of Islam’s Grand Rapids Study Group reportedly went missing in the waters of Muskegon State Park’s campground beach September 5th at approximately 5:30 p.m. According to Muskegon County Sheriff Dean Roesler, his body was found the next day in Muskegon Lake in 28 feet of water. Details are sketchy but it has been reported that he struggled during an attempted swim back to a boat that was located approximately 50 feet offshore, went under water, and presumably drowned.

“We intend to get to the truth of what happened to our brother,” said the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who presided over the Islamic funeral prayer service known as the Janazah, speaking from the pulpit of the Deliverance Outreach Ministries church September 13.

“Even though we are hurt because we don’t know exactly what happened,” the Minister continued, “we bear our pain with dignity and strength.”

Minister Farrakhan said whether it was a tragic accident as has been reported, or foul play involved, Allah (God), the giver of all life, already knows. If there is evil involved, Allah (God) will deliver a severe punishment and swift retribution.

The Nation of Islam’s funeral ceremony is dignified and efficient. Minister Farrakhan explained that in Nation of Islam funerals, there are no elaborate and expensive floral displays, because it is preferable that flowers and accolades are given to individuals while they are alive, when they can enjoy their beauty, and the sentiments of those sharing them. 

There are no choirs singing, and brief words are spoken by the appointed spiritual leader, reinforcing the transitory nature of life and the importance of appreciating each day as a gift from God.

“Every life is his and as the Sovereign Lord of all life, he can call us back to himself whenever he pleases,” said the Minister.

Members of the Fruit of Islam served as pallbearers and carried the coffin out of the church placing it delicately in the hearse, as the women of the Muslim Girls Training and General Civilization Class of the Nation of Islam escorted the family of Robert Dion Muhammad to the vehicles that would take them to the burial grounds. Dozens of cars in the funeral procession traveled through the streets of Grand Rapids arriving at the Oakhill Cemetery.

The widow of Robert D. Muhammad, Sister Yreva, was visibly shaken, but with dignity and poise comforted her young children, with the help of relatives and the extended family of those who are members of the community. The two were married in 2000 and have eight children, four sons, Nioreh Dion (16), Solomon Isa (13), Toussaint Saalih (12) and Najm Sherrif (10), and four daughters, Nikah Hanan (8), Shahadah Qamar (6), Ilyasa Mashariq-Hajj (2), and Mizan Qaharra (5 months). Muhammad would have turned 40 on Saturday, September 6, the day his body was found by aquatic search crews.

Minister Farrakhan delivered a brief prayer, and then those who loved and respected Robert Dion Muhammad proceeded to cover his casket with dirt and flowers. Then, the body was lowered to its ultimate resting place. The Minister shared final comforting words with the family and all who gathered.

“I’m looking at his sons and his daughters and I can see in them that they will continue the work of their father, so it is not over. It has just begun, and you watch and see how God answers and he will. The Qur’an says he’s very swift at taking retribution.  If they did anything evil, you can believe they will pay,” he said.

Every person who spoke about Robert Dion Muhammad described him as a committed Muslim, husband and father who was always available to serve those in need. He had led the Grand Rapids Study Group since 2006. Many described how he would be reliably posted up at the corner of Eastern and Franklin—a busy intersection in Grand Rapids—making The Final Call newspaper available to the members of the community.

Funeral director and licensed mortician Crystal Hardley, with over seventeen years of experience in the industry, believes it is a very good idea that the Nation of Islam has hired its own independent investigators and forensic specialists to look into the circumstances surrounding Robert Muhammad’s death. [READ MORE]

To SUPPORT THE MEMORIAL FUND for the family for Bro. Robert D. Muhammad click here http://www.gofundme.com/e81mu4 ...he leaves behind his beautiful wife Yreva Muhammad and his 8 beautiful children the family is asking for your continued prayers and your donations. Money collected here will go to the immediate needs of his eight children we thank you in advance for your donation. Click here http://www.gofundme.com/e81mu4

Minister Louis Farrakhan calls for Caribbean unity during historic message in Kingston, Jamaica

During his October 19th address in Kingston, Jamaica, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan called for Caribbean unity. Watch a few clips below and read the extensive coverage by The Final Call Newspaper.

Farrakhan: Unity needed to fully free Jamaica and the Caribbean
Honoring Jamaica’s struggle and heroes for the Black world
Jamaica: A fragile economy, challenges ahead, but hope is present


Farrakhan arrives in Jamaica for 19th anniversary celebration of the Million Man March; draws inspiration from Jamaica's national heroes

(Source: JamaicaObserver.com) NATION of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan yesterday visited National Heroes Park in Kingston to lay wreaths at the monuments of the country's national heroes.

Farrakhan, who is in the island for Sunday's 19th anniversary celebration of the Million Man March,' which he started, said it was an honour for him to visit the site as the heroes have been a inspiration to him and a major influence on his life's journey.

"To visit the tomb of those who have passed on, whose memories some may forget but whose legacy the wise will always remember, is an honour," declared Farrakhan.

The Nation of Islam leader said that he was inspired, in particular, by the teachings of Marcus Garvey — Jamaica's first national hero and leader of the renowned United Negro Improvement Association.

"Mr Garvey said to look for him, he will be back in the whirlwind and we represent that whirlwind," said Farrakhan, as he addressed scores of people, including schoolchildren, who had gathered at National Heroes Park. [Read More]


17 Shots? The Killing of Vonderrit Myers by St. Louis City Police Officer

(Source: FergusonOctober.com) An off-duty St. Louis City Police Officer working in uniform for a secondary security job chased, shot and killed 18 year-old Vonderrit Myers. The officer fired 17 shots, completely unloading his clip.
Organizers who were out on the street witnessed the palpable anger and sadness expressed by residents over the loss of yet another life at the hands of a police officer.
Police say he was armed and shot at the off-duty officer. No witness saw him carrying anything other than a sandwich or could corroborate the details offered by police. Serious doubt has been cast on the St. Louis City Police Department’s version of events.
We have serious questions about the right of an off-duty officer to wear his uniform when they aren’t on the job. We have serious questions about what the St. Louis City Police are calling a “pedestrian check.” Most of us know this practice as “stop & frisk.” [READ MORE] 

#FergusonOctober Weekend of Resistance kicks off in St. Louis: "It is our duty to fight for our freedom..."

by Jesse Muhammad

According to the website, FergusonOctober.com, thousands of people from Ferguson, St. Louis and the nation are coming together to "show our strength as we stand united against police violence, both here in Ferguson and across the country. We will march through Downtown St. Louis and rally at Keiner Plaza sending a message across the world: Not One More."

It has been over 60 days since Michael Brown was killed by Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson and he has yet to be arrested or indicted. The youth of Ferguson--fueled by the chant, "We're young, we're strong. We're marching all night long"---have not let up for one day since. The spirit in them to fight is REAL and their stance has caught the attention of the world.

On Friday, October 10, according to what I read and saw on Twitter, the #FergusonOctober weekend of resistance kicked off with a march in the pouring rain through Clayton, Missouri. People were then invited that evening to participate in a reading of the names and/or place items on a memory altar such as candles, pictures, or message to remember the dead. Then there was a silent candlelight march carrying a mirrored coffin two miles from the altar site to the Ferguson Police Department. Footage posted on social media showed Millennial Activists United leading the chant, "It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains..."

It is our duty to fight for our freedom... from Heather Wilson on Vimeo.

I definitely noticed two things: 1) Young women are on the frontlines 2) This is a youth led movement without a doubt. Kim Moore of San Diego, who is on the grounds this weekend, tweeted last night, "This is truly a millennial led movement.  Hip hop is the soundtrack to this call for justice. Protesters blasted music while facing cops."

On Saturday, October 11, the "Justice for All: National March and Rally" is scheduled to take place and much more. Click here to see the full schedule of events. Below are a few photos from Twitter from Day 1 of the #FergusonOctober Weekend of Resistance.

We stand with our brothers and sisters!

Ishmael Muhammad talks with The Gleaner about upcoming Million Man March commemoration in Kingston, Jamaica

Ishmael Muhammad, son of Elijah Muhammad and student minister of the Nation of Islam. Ian Allen/Photographer
(Source: http://jamaica-gleaner.comOn Sunday, October 19, Jamaica will host several thousand people from the Caribbean, the United States, Canada and parts of Europe at the Million Man March's 19th anniversary celebration. Earlier this week, Ishmael Muhammad and an advance party from the Nation of Islam (NOI) visited the island to make preparations for the significant visit.
Already, most of the capital's hotels are fully booked as several hundred people prepare to arrive for the event scheduled to be held at the National Arena in Kingston, starting at noon. Muhammad stresses that, though the target is men, it will be a celebration for the entire family.
In an interview with The Gleaner, Muhammad, who is an assistant to NOI head Louis Farrakhan, said Jamaica was chosen for a number of reasons, including the fact that Farrakhan's roots are here and the island is regarded as a leader among Caribbean nations. "Just as the physical heart of the body pumps the life fluid into it, so does Jamaica in the Caribbean. You have produced many great minds from Marcus Garvey to Bob Marley, and Minister Farrakhan chose the Caribbean and Jamaica because he feels he owes it for helping to nurture his development into the man he is," Muhammad said.
But of equal significance is Farrakhan's view that the Caribbean is a productive element in the global society that is now being made into a playground for the world's middle class, rich and super-rich. "There is a trend in the Caribbean where land and citizenships are being sold as foreign investment," Muhammad said, adding that loss of land means destruction of a people's future. "Land is a pathway to wealth, and we cannot hope that foreign investment will provide the jobs that are needed, so we cannot allow the Caribbean to become the playground of Europe, Asia and elsewhere. To that end, the young people of Jamaica must be encouraged to use the land for farming to feed ourselves and not depend on imported foods," he said.