Saviours' Day 2008 Big Success

I just returned late last night from Chicago attending the greatest Saviour' Day convention I have ever attended since becoming a Registered member of the Nation of Islam over 10 years ago. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is truly a leader who sees the value in raising up a cadre of young leaders. While some may talk about it, Min. Farrakhan is about! How do I know?

I was blessed among a host of young members of the NOI, who were given the blessed opportunity to organize, mobilize and facilitate Saviours' Day 2008. We had been working since November of last year all the way up to the week of to ensure that the over 20,000 coming from across the world would remember that experience the rest of their lives. Young people moderated workshops, facilitated serious seminars, gave special presentations,assisted the National officials immensely, and were featured during the main event on Sunday, February 24th at the McCormick Center.

What a great man Min. Farrakhan is! Remember The Future Is All About Y.O.U.t.h....What are YOU going to do? What are the YOUTH going to do?

More next time. Happy Saviours' Day!

PS: Yes that is a picture of me in the Saviours' Day Fashion Show. Shot taken by Kenneth Muhammmad....that was a short lived career.(smile)