District D Empower U Tour Kicks-Off at Jack Yates

District D Empower U Tour Kicks-Off at Jack Yates

Sponsored by newly elected City Councilwoman Wanda Adams and her Economic Advisory Committee, the District D Empower U Tour made its first stop at Jack Yates Senior High School. Over 300 students received a special powerpoint presentation from Angela Hernandez of Deloitte titled “Why go to College”. The aim of her talk was to highlight the long term economic advantages of higher education. She showed statistics that proved that those with higher education are in a better position to earn more money in their lifetime.

“When you get a degree, you can earn the type of money that you want have. You must start now deciding what it is you want to major in”, said Ms. Hernandez.

Her presentation was preceded by words from Councilwoman Adams who spoke on why it is important to have an education to fall back on when other dreams can take a turn for the worse. “I was a star basketball player at Texas Southern University until I got injured. But I was lucky to have my education to fall back on. So those of you who have dreams of playing sports be sure to get your education because you never know what can happen. I never imagined I would be in city council.”

The tour is being organized by Carla Lane, who serves as President and CEO of DiverseStaff. “We are happy to be here with you to kick-off the Empower U Tour at Jack Yates! We believe this will be beneficial for everyone.”

At the conclusion of the event, students had the opportunity to speak with representatives from HCC, Texas School of Business, the University of Phoenix and Texas Southern University, who all distributed literature about admissions to those institutions to students. FYTYA Newspaper was also on site with information on writing opportunities.

The District D Empower U Tour targets eleventh and twelfth graders and will go to one high school per quarter to deliver the message of economic empowerment through higher education.