The Grassroots Media Justice Tour

The Grassroots Media Justice Tour

Sponsored by ColorLines Magazine, Left Turn Magazine,
Bitch Magazine, Free Speech Radio News, and other radical and
independent media projects from around the US, this tour is an
exciting movement- building opportunity. Beginning in Fall of 2008,
the tour will bring performances, workshops, and inspiration to
frequently underserved and underfunded areas of the country, beginning
in the South and Midwest.

The tour has two primary functions; First, to get information out - to
communicate about current struggles for justice and liberation, from
criminal justice organizing in Jena to sex worker activism, from
resistance to imperialism in Iraq and Latin America to resistance to
school privatization, from immigration rights movements to
post-Katrina organizing in public housing.

The tour also seeks to connect communities of resistance, and to build
relationships between grassroots activists and independent media.

To find out more, including potential speakers and how to bring the
tour to your community, go to:
You can also call 510.910.5627, or email jen@aidandabet.org.

Most presenters on the tour come from communities traditionally
underrepresented in corporate media.

The cities visited include areas often ignored by the media, with less
of an emphasis on the coasts, and with a special effort to reach out
to community colleges and historically Black colleges and

Tour Highlights:
* Performances, multimedia, and interactive presentations from
grassroots media makers.
* Workshops, trainings, and skill-shares.
* Independent videos, magazines, newspapers, CD's, and books.


Jesse Muhammad: Energetic, inspiring and effective are just some of
the words audiences have used to describe the writings and messages
delivered by writer, news reporter, artist, publicist and
photojournalist Jesse Muhammad. Brother Jesse, a native of Houston,
Texas, started contributing to the Final Call Newspaper in 2004 and
was appointed as its Southwest Regional Correspondent. In 2005, after
receiving rave reviews for his reporting on stories that mainstream
media tends to over look, he was appointed as an official Staff Writer
for the FCN, which is the only national Black-owned newspaper. Since
that time, he has gained worldwide recognition for his consistent
coverage of Hurricane Katrina and the continuing struggle of its
survivors. In 2007, he was credited with bringing national and
international attention to the case of the "Jena Six", and helped to
mobilize the 50,000 plus attendees to the historic "Jena Six" rally in
September of that year. He has been a featured commentator on various
television and radio shows in Houston, New York, Chicago, Milwaukee,
Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Louisiana, and as far as Ghana. His
writings are now read in many print and online newspapers and
magazines throughout the world.

In 2007, he became the co-founder and editor of For Youth Teens and
Young Adults (FYTYA.com), which is a Houston based newspaper that
highlights the accomplishments of high school and college students. As
a member of the Nation of Islam, he has served in the youth and
information departments. He is also the representative of the Ministry
of Information for the Houston Millions More Movement Local Organizing

Erin Siegal is a freelance multimedia journalist and the West Coast
Director of $pread Magazine. She's been involved with various
Indymedia projects, including organizing around the protests against
the '03 Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) meeting, the 2004
Republican National Convention, and the 2005 Group of 8 (G8), as well
as with the Boston and New York City Indymedia. Erin's worked for Free
Speech Radio News, Reuters, the Urban Justice Project, and the U.N.

Alexis Pauline Gumbs is a queer black trouble-maker from Durham, North
Carolina. She is the founder of BrokenBeautiful Press, a free and
freedom producing publishing portal. Alexis writes for a number of
national magazines including Left Turn, Make/Shift and Curve. She is
on the editorial committee of SisterPages, the national publication of
Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault and is a founding member of
UBUNTU a women of color/survivor led coalition committed to ending
sexual violence and practicing sustainable transformative love. Alexis
also works with Southerners on New Ground, SpiritHouse and Critical
Resistance. On the tour, Alexis will lead workshops in which
participants create collective Zines in 1 or 2 hours and will also
present new poetic work.

Puck Lo is a radio producer, reporter and writer who works for
National Radio Project's weekly radio show, "Making Contact," and the
world's only worker-run, international daily newscast- Free Speech
Radio News. She'll be going to Japan this summer to report on the G8
Summit in Hokkaido, and to build links between Asian-American and
North American anti-authoritarian people of color, and East Asian
activists. In 2005, she covered the World Trade Organization protests
in Hong Kong, and reported for Indymedia during the Republican
National Convention protests in New York City in 2004. Her political
work includes organizing against state violence and dismantling the
prison-industrial-complex. She works with Critical Resistance-
Oakland, and INCITE! Bay Area, as well as other radical queers and
communities of color for self-determination to end all forms of
On the tour she'll be training people on how to produce short radio
features and headlines for Free Speech Radio News, and longer
documentary pieces for "Making Contact."