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As Salaam Alaikum,

Many of you have received the initial e-mail, but for those who have not – it is with compassionate consideration for every believer who knew and loved her that I inform you that Sis. Mashala Muhammad, my mom and wife of Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad returned to Allah on May 3, 2008. May Allah be pleased with her.

Funeral services were held at Muhammad Mosque #4 in Washingon, DC on Saturday May 10th at 11:00AM (seating begins at 10AM). For those unable to attend memorial web page has been set-up in honor of her life of service to the Nation of Islam. Remember, each moment spent with every believer is a precious gift. May Allah bless and keep you all.

James M. Muhammad & Family

Remembering Mashala Web Page: http://www.sistermashala.blogspot.com