Nia Abdallah appears on three more radio shows

The "We Support Nia" campaign continues to spread throughout the country

Within a short period of time, Nia Abdallah has been able to touch a multitude of listeners with appearances on several top radio shows in the Houston area and in the country. Her busy schedule this week included three appearances on three different radio show within a few days span. What's fueling her passion? To get the truth out about the injustice she faced in the Olympic trial match against Diana Lopez.

First on Wednesday, July 16th she joined Robert Muhammad in the KPFT 90.1 studio for an interview on his show Connect The Dots. Bro. Robert was very familiar with the plight of Nia, being that he had watched the fight several months ago. Nia discussed her years of experience, training regime, and the controversial outcome of the fight against Lopez.

"Since 2004, people have been talking about the Lopez family making history. They would be the first family to have three siblings in the Olympic so basically I was in the way of that story", said Abdallah. "I went into the fight saying I was not going to let her hit me and it worked. It was like the world against me and I did everything I could have imagined to do but they wanted her to be in and not me."

"I'm being an objective interviewer but I honestly saw the fight three, four, five times before they [USOC] took it down off of the Internet", said Muhammad. "Watch the the fight for yourself. Comment for yourself and judge for yourself."

"I think America deserves to know the truth. I don't want them [Lopez family] to just go to China and everyone there to think that they made a great story, when they really didn't. I think great stories happen out of truth and fairness. I don't want this to happen to anybody else."

Listen to the archive at Connect the Dots Radio Show Interview

On Friday, July 18, Abdallah's message touched the hearts and ears of listeners in the Baltimore and Washington, DC area. She was a guest on the show Listen Up Baltimore on WEAA 88.9FM hosted by Bro. Farajii on the campus of Morgan State University. Thousands of listeners tuned in as she was also joined on the show by a 2nd Degree Black Belt Master William Muhammad of Houston and a renowned Baltimore track coach. All three gave insight into the injustice done to Abdallah for the sake of making the Lopez family into a "marketing machine". Several callers voiced their opinions and listeners were driven to view the fight for themselves as well as call the We Support Nia campaign to get involved further.

Later, that evening Nia was on the campus of Texas Southern University to make a live in studio appearance on the Hip-Hop show. Led by DJ Crazy Dredz, the interview had the phone lines buzzing immediately as people called in to voice their support for Abdallah and their disgust with what was done just so the Lopez family could make history. In amazing fashion, the YouTube sudden death clip between Abdallah and Diana Lopez received over 4,000 hits alone during the show!

"You won the fight hands down and you should be going to Beijing", said DJ Dredz to Abdallah. "We had to bring you own so everyone will know the truth."

"I want to help change some things in Tae Kwon Do because I love this sport. I beat Diana Lopez and they know it so we are letting the whole entire world know what was done to me", said Abdallah. "We came up with a new term that if you get cheated in something that means you got 'Lopezed', because they have a history of receiving favoritism."

The show also ended with everyone agreeing that the Lopez family is faking history, not making history.

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