Nia Abdullah was Robbed of the Olympics! Leave a Comment!

Watch this April 2008 YouTube Clip of Nia Abdallah versus Diana Lopez. This was the sudden death round. For those who don't know, sudden death means the first person who scores. Watch it and tell me who you think one???


  1. Maaan what fight was the judges watching? This was obviously a set up. Diana Lopez is a weak fighter and does not deserve to be going to the Olympics.

  2. this is really sad. sports have become so corrupted and now we have a cheating Lopez family representing us at the 2008 Olympics. Diana Lopez should have admitted that she lost!

    Nia you are the champ. Keep your head up and also I pray your family stays strong.

  3. wow, that is crazy. Nia should be in the Olympics!

  4. yeah she got robbed on that one for sure. Diana only got it because her face is in those annoying AT&T commercials as kind of the face of USA Olympic Taekwondo, they have too much invested in her to let her lose even if it is to a more skilled fighter.

  5. Nia, I saw the video and it was obvious that you were robbed. It's a shame considering how much time and personal sacrafice was involved.

    I have prviously competed as a track athlete and currently compete in taekwondo and I instruct. Thus, I have first hand knowledge of the bias calls often made by the judges. Often their decisions are already decided prior to the event; unlike track you either demonstrate victory or you loose in you arena.

    Whch brings me to my last point; what's with all this screaming and gesticulation towards the judges trying to influence a point. It was obvious early on in o/t that Lopez was tring to steal a point by doing just that. And she did just that on the decisive point by kicking and TOUCHING Nia's arm and immediately turning around; screaming with joy therby influencing an already biased judging panel. Such antics at this level should not be tolerated and should be penalized as per the rules.

    Nia, you area agreat champ I have followed your career sence the last Olympics. I hope you continue; stay strong.

  6. I watched the fight and thought it was very close and could have gone either way. All these comments about a fixed fight are unwarranted. This is a lot of "sour grapes" on the part of Nia's family and friends.


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