Forest Brook and Smiley High School combine Forces? Wow!

Ok, reality has settled in....it is official. Forest Brook and Smiley have been merged into one high school for North Forest High. I am a graduate of the 25th anniversary Forest Brook Class of 1997 and since we left that entire district has become worse by the year. But I have never turned my back on it because there are so many teachers and classmates from Fonwood Elementary, Tidwell Elementary and Da Brook that have/is contributing to my development as a man. For that I am eternally grateful. But actions have to go hand and hand with our words. So therefore I have shared three things with you.

1. For your laughing pleasure....a throwback photo of my mother and I the night of my high school graduation. Maaan both of our glasses are huge! (smile)
2. A Houston Chronicle video of the new North Forest High School Football team joining forces.
3. A reminder about the upcoming North Forest ISD townhall meeting. Be There!

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  1. That's funny but you are an inspiration!


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