600 Killed in Haiti In Three Weeks by Ike, Gustav and Tropical Storm Hanna

Written by Jesse Muhammad
Photo Source www.miamiherald.com

As people are recovering throughout the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, I wanted to also write on the global impact of this storm. Particularly in Haiti. If you just Google and see some of the images of death and destruction you will be moved to do something in your neighborhood, community, nation and the world.

Haitian-born music star Wyclef Jean and U.S. actor Matt Damon to the initiative to not just sit by and watch the horrible news but instead took some relief to Haiti's storm victims on Sunday, September 13 by distributing food in the Haitian town of Cabaret.

In a broadcasted press conference Wyclef stated, "We are here today and it is very important to us to go to Gonaives to see the victims of the storms and to talk to them. Before we can help we must see with our own eyes so when we return to the United States we'll know exactly what to ask for. It is also very important to go to Cabaret for everyone to know what we need to do."

"We'll be taking the next few days to see what in fact is going on here and I look forward to carrying that message back and hopefully raising as much awareness as possible back home in America", said Matt Damon at the press conference.

Haiti is considered one of the world's poorest countries, and after being hit by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike and then Tropical Storm Hanna, it is is now in a serious crisis. Before ripping through Cuba, Hurricane Ike left at least 66 people dead in Haiti. About 600 people total have been killed after four storms hit the country in a matter of three weeks!

Jean and Damon went to the town of Cabaret where many residents are in dire need of clean water. On Sunday, September 14 Jean and Damon flew by helicopter to Gonaives to distribute more aid.

I applaud Wyclef and Damon for their works. How can you get involved? YOU CAN ASSIST BY MAKING A DONATION. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW. Also, if you are living in any city, state or country hit hard by these storms, get involved in your neighborhood!


  1. these pictures made me cry....

  2. These shots are painful. We in America are blessed...


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