Blogging Live From Oakland, California!

Written By Jesse Muhammad

Ok, if you have been following my speaking tour tab in the left column of this blog, you know I am in Oakland as a guest speaker for the Critical Resistance Conference..if you didn't notice, it's okay because I know it's easy to get caught up in all of the pictures and graphic designs!(smile)

But I arrived this afternoon and changing time zones is no JOKE! But the conference has kicked off with a wealth of information in about ten workshops. I also ran into some people from Houston, whom I have worked with for years in the community including Sister Krystal of the New Black Panther Party and Gloria Ruebec, who has been fighting for decades to have the death penalty abolished in the state of Texas! These are two women warrior and feminine freedom fighters!

I took a break to walk the streets of downtown Oakland and meet people. Believe it or not I have seen numerous people with curls and boom boxes in hand! Straight out of the movie "Boyz in The Hood". You know I got pictures to prove it but I will not put my brothers out there on the world wide web like that.(smile)

I of course found a Starbucks to post up at and start blogging. Now I am about to go to the Opening Plenary that will feature the legendary Angela Davis. More updates coming and check out the website at www.criticalresistance.org

More to come on Brother Jesse's Oakland experience!

(Oh yeah, thank you to the kind Starbucks worker who took this pick of me shown in this blog.)

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