CREATIVE PAUSE~New 'Super Obama' T-Shirt Unveiled

Ok, I have seen thousands of Obama buttons, bumper stickers, t-shirts, car magnets, hats, umbrellas and anything else people can get their hands on to make a profit off of this brother's image. I must say most of it has not captured me in terms of creativity and some of it has just been ridiculous. BUT I think I have found a painting turned t-shirt that is impressive and creative. I just had to share this with you! The artwork of Barack Obama, Democratic Presidential nominee entitled 'Time for a Change' is by artist Alex Ross. And now it is bring sold on t-shirts.

Let me know what you think!

Oh yeah by the way....if you have not registered to vote yet, what are you waiting for? IT'S JUST A CLICK AWAYwww.voteforchange.com


  1. 9/17/08

    This Obama Tee Shirt is the baddest
    Tee Shirt around. I really want one, where can I purchase this shirt.

    Carol Muhammad
    Miami, FL

  2. I thought i would share this with you; I have one of these shirts and it is absolutely gorgeous. The artists original painting was actually featured at the Democratic National Convention.. and it's a steal for only $20.00!!


  3. The "Super Obama" tshirts are designed by Alex Ross. You can purchase them through http://www.stylinonline.com/barrackobama.html for $18.00. I've purchased several. The tshirts are excellent quality and just as Brother Jesse said, the likeness of Barack Obama is uncanny!

  4. Where can I get that t-shirt?


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