Is Hurricane Ike the next Rita or Allison? Preparation is Critical!

Seems like the Gulf Coast can't get a break.

Gustav didn't aim for Houston but now Hurricane Ike is on course to wreck havoc on Texas. Gustav hit during the 3rd year anniversary of Katrina (pictured left) and now Ike comes close to the anniversary of Rita.

Mandatory evacuations have been made in several counties and over 250,000 people have already hit the road. But it's not only the wind and rain that concerns meteorologists, it is Ike's "wide body" and its potential for a 20-foot storm surge.

The surge brought a serious warning from the National Weather Service for people living in low-lying neighborhoods. "A storm of this size is able to bring more wind over a surface of water," said Patrick Blood, a meteorologist. "You can imagine what a 20-foot wall of water can do to a community."

According to weather reports Hurricane Ike is continuing on a path toward landfall somewhere near Galveston early Saturday morning. Moving at 100 mph winds, which could intensify, the storm has become a serious enough threat for mandatory evacuation orders to go out in Galveston, Brazoria, Jefferson, Orange, Chambers and Matagorda counties, and other areas of Harris County that are vulnerable.

Gas stations have been draining at fast pace, so I hope you filled up. There are suppose to be tankers coming into the areas to refilled but lines are long. With toll fees being waved on the Sam Houston Tollway I witnessed bumper to bumper traffic heading towards Austin, Texas. Gas stations are packed with people up and down 290 highway.

Did you decide evacuate? Already at a hotel somewhere else? Or staying at home? Whatever you decide to do I pray that you and your family will be safe. ***LEAVE ME A COMMENT***

Continue to stay abreast on the news reports and make the best mathematical decision.

Lastly I want to take this moment to say that if you and your family do not have survival kits stored in your home and cars, you need to seriousLY start building it up if you make it through this one. Need a list to start with? Click this link and download the NOI Ministry of Defense Survival Kit.

Need training? I recommend the Inner City Emergency Response Team, Inc., (IN-CERT), which is a emergency response team that uses emergency preparedness programs developed by the United States Military, The Department of Transportation, The National Fire Protection Association, The National Association of Search and Rescue, The American Red Cross, the American Heart Foundation and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to assist in times of natural and man made disaster. Call Khallid Greene at 832.245.7642 to see how you can get involved in your neighborhood and get trained in CPR, disaster response and more!

It's time for us to organize our communities and get trained on how to respond in the time of disaster because there may be moments when we can't leave in time.

More coming as this storm draws closer......

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