Written by Jesse Muhammad
This past Sunday, September 21, many religious institutions held services throughout the Gulf Coast with or without electricity. Members of the these various congregations were in dire thirst of a 'spiritual pause' from the stress of recovering from Hurricane Ike. Those without electricity met outside....that included Muhammad's Mosque No. 45 of the Nation of Islam based in Houston, Texas.

Situated in the heart of Third Ward, the NOI Mosque has been a beacon of light for the community and city for decades so the lack of electricity did not stop them from airing the live Internet webcast of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Inspiration was needed more than ever being that Third Ward has been one of the last zip codes on the list to have power restored in the city. The heat is becoming unbearable for most.  Minister Farrakhan was speaking in Washington, DC at Union Temple Baptist Church during the Men's Day program themed "A Few Good Men". The church is headed by Rev. Willie Wilson.

The Mosque 45 Technical Team made all of the necessary preparations by first purchasing a generator!(smile) Then they got all of the equipment set up for the 10:00am webcast which included flat screen monitors, extension cords, and speakers.

Also on Saturday, September 20, Attorney Warren Muhammad helped to organize a community outreach effort at several apartment complexes in Acres Homes. Impoverished Tidwell Estates apartment complex is still without electricity and many are going hungry due to lack of transportation to go to the store. Members of the Mosque (including many who still do not have power themselves) served bean soup, bread and water to those in need and I interviewed many about their experience during and after Hurricane Ike. Touching stories....

On Tuesday, September 23, the electricity was restored at the Mosque but the work still would have continued! For more information visit www.noiswregion.org. Here are more pictures of the works of Muhammad's Mosque No. 45. (Some pictures courtesy of Derrick E. Muhammad and Student Minister Robert Muhammad)


  1. As Salaam alaikum. Much respect to the Nation of Islam. You all have been a great example for years.

  2. great to see this.

  3. I just got my lights back on as well! Great story Brother Jesse

  4. As Salaam Alaikum Bruh! Ramadan Mubarak!

    Always proud to see you shine brother, keep it lit!


  5. MashaALLAH!!One of the best mosque meetings ever!!!


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