Video-Brother Jesse on the grounds After Hurricane Ike

The scene in Houston has not improved the last three days. City officials, state officials and FEMA have been in the middle of a finger-pointing match in the midst of people in dire need of food and water. What's the cause of the finger pointing? There apparently was a delay in the shipment of goods because FEMA says they were "surprised" that they had to do the job instead of the state, which said they would not run that operation. Surprised? I'm not. So Points of Distibution (PODS) were delayed in being erected which cause thousands to stand in line for nearly six hours starting at 6am Tuesday morning. Amongst those people included my grandmother and aunt.

According to emails sent to me from people within the city limits, Texas Southern University is a pod site for Houstonians that are in need of food, water, and ice 10am-5pm. SW houston and Missouri City residents can go to the Fountain of Praise Church on Hillcroft and Beltway8. Also the gas station on hillcroft and beltway8 is now open. On the Northwest Community Church on Pinemont is a pod and New Jerusalem Church on Jensen is as well.

Stories of triumphant rescues are circulating about the the Inner City Emergency Response Teams (IN-CERT) led by Khallid Greene, who has been at the forefront of training community organizations, residents, project residents and others for moments like this. Also the Chief of Staff for the New Black Panther Party, Hashim Nzinga, emailed me today saying "We had trucks leaving this morning with traps and other supplies and our prayers go out to you and our Texas family."

Once again, the grassroots groups are making things happen.

There are still over 1 million residents without electricity and because so many people are running generators, the gas lines are stretching nearly a mile at every pump.

The The Final Call Chronicles Part II is coming soon with footage of the Northside of Houston.

Watch the video below.

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