BLOG INTERVIEW~K-Rino Voted Houston's Best Local Rapper

(Blogger's Note: - Houston Hip-Hop legend K-Rino started the South Park Coalition (SPC) in 1986 out of a desire to unite the talent in his South Park neighborhood and the city of Houston, Texas. Since that time, the SPC has released over 100 albums and 4 clique albums. Their fan base reaches across the Atlantic Ocean and recently K-Rino was awarded the 2008 Best Local Rapper Award from the Houston Press newspaper. I immediately called him to first congratulate him and then get his insight on some issues.)

Brother Jesse (BJ): First and foremost congratulations on receiving the 2008 Best Local Rapper award.

K-Rino (K): Thank you Brother Jesse and I always appreciate the support you and others have shown me over the years. To be honest I didn't even know I won it until someone called me on the phone. (laughs)

BJ: How does it feel getting this award after all of your years of putting it down in the industry?

K: I consider it a blessing and I take it as a honor. The SPC doesn't receive alot of recognition from mainstream media outlets but we have continued to produce. So I thank them for this award.

BJ: What new projects do you presently have going on?

K: Well, I have been in the lab working on my next album that is set to release on November 18 entitled "The Blood Doctrine". That title is basically saying that anybody out there that's committing themselves to or fighting for this country is basically signing over their life to Satan. So it's like the scripture says "Come out of her my people".

BJ: What's your thoughts about the recent events of Hurricane Ike? Was your family impacted?

K: It's a blessing to say that my family and friends have no broken limbs. I had some damages to my property but if I had lost everything it would not have matter as long as I have my life. That's most important. I think this city could have done a better job of preparing and getting resources to people a lot faster.

BJ: What else did you observe?

K: I also saw how quickly people can turn savage when they are without things they are used to having. Gas lines were outrageous. People had limited supplies and most people I talk to had a major financial setback just from being off of work for one week. So this only says that most of us are just one missed paycheck away from being on the streets. We have to really start thinking more long term in how we structure our lives to prepare for things like this.

BJ: As an artist what is the motto of your life?

K: It may sound like a cliche', but my motto has always been 'Treat people the way you want to be treated'.

BJ: Thank you

K. No, thank you and to all of our supporters.

For more information on K-Rino visit www.myspace.com/spckrino

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  1. Congrats to K-Rino...keep up the great work Bro Jesse


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