Grieving Paris, Texas Mother Interviews with Free Speech Radio News:: Listen To Archive!

Written by Jesse Muhammad

I am writing this blog inside of a truck in route back to Paris, Texas to attend a Memorial Service for Brandon McClelland.

I was contacted this past week by the Interim Producer at Free Speech Radio News for a potential 10-min interview to discuss my coverage of the dragging death of Brandon McClelland in Paris, Texas. I of course gave way for his grieving mother, Jacqueline McClelland, to do the interview so the entire country can further hear her pain.

The interview was conducted on Friday afternoon, October 24 and aired nationally. The mother is grateful for this interview and for those that have not had the opportunity to hear it please click the link below and listen!

We will continue to book her on more shows and post the archives of the shows right here on this blog. If anybody reading this blog has their own radio show or connections with other news outlets please email me at jesse.muhammad@gmail.com.

Was Brandon McClelland's Death Another Texas Lynching?::News Segments

"Civil rights activists are beginning to compare the bloody murder of Brandon McClelland in Paris, Texas to the lynching of James Byrd in another small town in the Lone Star state 10 years ago. Authorities first told Brandon's family that he was struck by a gravel truck; but the family soon learned that he was dragged at least 40 feet by a pick-up. Two white men have now been arrested – and the local DA says Brandon's death had nothing to do with race. But many disagree, and say Brandon was lynched, and authorities are doing all they can to cover-up a hate crime. FSRN spoke with Brandon's mother, Jacqueline McClelland, about his murder."



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