Mediocrity is NOT In Your D.N.A....So Why Do We Settle For It?

Written by Jesse Muhammad

Ponder over this: If your life were to end on today, what would people say about you? Would you have fulfilled your purpose in life or were you just striving towards it for decades? Did you maximize every day? How many people did you touch? What mark have you left on history? Did you live a life of substance or did you merely exist without aim and purpose?

Your family, friends, community, the world and most importantly your buried inner greatness, are waiting for the real you to show up! What’s holding you back? One mindset: MEDIOCRE. The time is demanding for us to master the gravitational pull of being mediocre so this is one of the workshops I present across the country.

This inner-active and energetic workshop looks into how to overcome mediocrity in leadership, organizing, goal achievement, building lasting networks, marketing and many more areas of life. To achieve this, all participants take the MEDIOCRE Challenge to analyze their personal MEDIOCRE Moments with their own worksheets and scenarios presented. Those who successfully complete the workshop receive an Anti-Mediocre Certification.

I want to share with you a few of the things that are holding us back from being ambassadors of mastery.

M=Making Excuses
E=Eliminating Possibilities
D=Doing Nothing
I=Inviting Negativity
O=Out of Ideas
C=Can’t Execute
R=Remembering the “Good Ole Days”
E=Expecting Bad Results

There are more but the greatness embedded in our being lets us know with we are:

D=Destined for Greatness

there is

N=None Like Us

and we were shaped to out of an

A=Anti-Mediocre Mind

Lastly, when I first saw the movie "Wanted' featuring Angelina Jolie and Common, I was of course impressed by the action but mostly I enjoyed the message it sent which was summed up in the final words of the movie...."What are you doing?"

I ask you the same thing. Get up and go after the seemingly impossible.


  1. So many of us fall into mediocrity without giving it a 2nd thought. Keep pushing us all to our higher potential. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for all you do and the for taking the time out to make a difference in the lives of so many of our youths. You are greatly appreciated and my prayers are always with you. Keeping making a change in the world.


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