2008 Election Night:: Minister Farrakhan Warns Us To Be Cautious

Written by Jesse Muhammad

Within the last few days I have received countless e-vites to Election Night parties here in Houston, which I had not planned to attend. And now after hearing some heart-piercing instructions from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, I am truly compelled to inform you all of what he has stated.

He warned that we should stay in our homes because "you(Blacks) will be so overjoyed, and in your being so happy- over your Brother(Obama), you will not be cognizant that your joy is somebody else's sadness or anger. And for you to be out in the night celebrating – would not be wise. You go home. If there’s any celebrating to be done, do it in your house with your family; not in the streets, in any city, or town in America."

Please be safe.

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