Financial Interview: Entrepreneur Darik Jahkur says 'Fire Your Boss'

(Blogger's Note: Recently ABC News reported the number of people who have lost their jobs in 2008 has eclipsed 1,000,000. That includes over 650,000 since August! They also mentioned that many people are now turning to "recession proof" entrepreneurial ventures to survive. So I spoke with entrepreneur Darik Jahkur about an online business network he launched, how your business can thrive in a falling market and why you should 'fire your boss'.)

Brother Jesse:
Can you please give me a little background about your personal biography and experience in entrepreneurship?

Darik Jahkur: I am what you would call a kitchen table fragrance designer. I created,branded and trademarked a perfume fragrance bearing my name Jahkur and I started this in my hometown of Port Arthur, Texas on Gulfway drive selling perfume oils out of the back trunk of my 1985 grey Hatchback Honda Accord.

I actually made a scent called Jahkur in 1992 which was selling for $5 at 3/4 ounces. A good friend and fellow designer colleague named Ron Wilch, who is the father of the Rap Superstar Eve, connected me to a manufacturer who helped me to concoct what is now the Signature Jahkur Scent that is developed currently and the rest is history.

Brother Jesse:
Can you explain why you have chosen to get involved in the Direct Matches Network? What is unique about it?

Darik Jahkur: I have always been interested in how the Internet has made average people very successful in record times and I have always been fond of everything dealing with social networking like Myspace, Facebook and I am currently fond of the YouTube arena. I chose to get involved in social networking and the Direct Matches Network because everyone has a page on these mediums and they are reaping HUGE successes advertising for free. Other social sites have never given the user the opportunity to make income from their potential friends or contacts. I am able to give them that with DirectMatchesOnline.com and allow them to reap tremendous benefits with their current profession or business and also pay them daily residuals from people who decide to become members of our social network. They will be making two incomes. One from their current business in which they will be advertising from DirectMatchesOnline.com and for being members.

Brother Jesse: I have heard you say "Fire Your Boss" in some of your advertising. Please explain what this mean.

Darik Jahkur: It's basically a play on words when we I say this because people today are very afraid of the boss firing them and it becomes real stressful going in to work everyday particularly with the downsizing of major corporations and government entities today. We decided that if someone would give entrepreneurial a try on the side with their job then they can one day kiss the boss goodbye and they will actually be firing them from their everyday life.

Brother Jesse: Why is doing for self so important in today's economic crisis and what are your tips for thriving in a falling market?

Darik Jahkur:
Good question. Doing for self is so important in this crisis because banks are tougher on lending money out to start a traditional business and what we try to focus on with DirectMatchesOnline.com is that it will cost less to start this business without loans and most people can start this business with all cash and fully fund this great opportunity for less than $30 dollars.

My tips for thriving in a falling market is just this, FOCUS ON THE INTERNET MARKETING with opportunities that you can finance up front for the price of a dinner for two. These endeavors will allow you to reap great benefits with most of the marketing styles fitting the network marketing genre. This I believe is the future now and we must get involved with programs that offer a real marketing system, not just something that you pay your hard earned money and expect magic to take over from there. You must always try to promote your brand and MARKET, MARKET MARKET.

Brother Jesse:
How can people make money in Direct Matches Network?

Darik Jahkur:
First of all go to DirectMatchesOnline.com and it will explain in details what we offer. But it is very simple. You can join for FREE or you can pay less than $1 a day for the opportunity to gain exposure and new clients for your current business or profession.

For those who decide to become a paid member you gain access to all of our free advertising, free press releases, premier advertising, etc. You also get paid on all of your potential friends and contacts that you would have. It is similar to Myspace and Facebook but the advantage is that you are paid daily and weekly residuals on these persons because they all are reaping the benefits of advertising their business on a more broader scale than what Myspace and Facebook is offering.

Brother Jesse: Thank you

Darik Jahkur: Thank you and much success to all of your blog readers.


  1. This is awesome! I am definitely going to check this out!!!

  2. This is awesome! I am definitely going to check this out!!!

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