A Photographic Moment~State of the Black World Reporting Part II

Written By Jesse Muhammad

I have returned home from New Orleans. As you can see, I got behind on my blogging over the weekend.(smile)

Why? Because covering the State of the Black World Conference for the Final Call Newspaper was a lot of work every day, with me returning to my hotel room near midnight every night. I enjoy it! But stay tuned and stay plugged in, as I will be recapping some of my great experiences during the conference. I met a lot of giants in the Black struggle.

For now I just want to jump to the final day, which was one of the most memorable moments of my journalistic career. I had the opportunity to photograph the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for the Final Call the entire weekend. Also along with 16-year-old Rashid Muhammad of Houston, who was assisting me with photography during the conference. He did a great job.

The State of the Black World Conference came to a close on Sunday, November 23 with the keynote address by Minister Farrakhan. As usual, he delivered a message that radiated the light of a man that is divinely guided. The introduction of the Minister was done by Mtangulizi Sanyika in a way that brought tears to many in the audience and touched the Minister in a special way.

Here is a great photo I got of the Minister just before he delivered the keynote address. In the background is his son Nation of Islam Student Supreme Captain Mustapha Farrakhan.

More reporting and photos to come.

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