Political Interview with Super Model Toccara Jones

Interview by Jesse Muhammad

(Blogger's Note: On Sunday morning, November 2 I was sitting at the airport in Atlanta, Georgia waiting for my 11:10 am flight to depart for Houston. I then saw 27-year-old super model Toccara Jones pass by my table heading to her plane and I kindly ask if I could get a quick interview with her about what this year's Presidential race means to her. Below is that interview!

For my blog readers who may just happened to not know who she is, here is some info. While a contestant on the third season of the smash-hit UPN series America’s Next Top Model, Toccara was named "Cover Girl of the Week" five times. Toccara, featured in Rocawear’s “I Will Not Lose” advertising campaign, has modeled for Torrid, Avon, Ashley Stewart, and Target, as well as in the pages of fashion/lifestyle magazines like Essence, Vibe, and Smooth. Toccara has shown her talent as an actress on several hit UPN series including Girlfriends and All of Us.)

Brother Jesse (BJ): What is your vantage point on this year's race for the Presidency?

Toccara Jones (TJ):I just feel really honored. I went to my hometown of Dayton, Ohio and I voted Friday (Oct. 31). There were so many people out! There were three levels of waiting rooms. Twenty-five hundred people came out that day just to vote. I felt honored just to be able to vote. This is such a blessing.

I am so glad people are out voting and that we are doing it early with such a huge turnout. That was Friday and then on Saturday (Nov. 1) there was like 2700 people that came out. So I'm happy we came out early because come Tuesday (Nov. 4) we may not have enough time with so many people coming out and then many of us would be upset because they may cut us off in the line.

So I am proud of us as Americans and as a people that we have taken pride to show up and show out. I am honored to be apart of the process.

BJ: Who are you supporting for President?

TJ: I am supporting (Barack) Obamaaaaaaaa! (laughs)

BJ: And why is that?

TJ: Because I have listened to Obama in the debates and interviews and he relates so well to the people to the point that I feel like I can reach out and touch him. He is able to break things down for every one to understand the issues. Usually when people are running for President or other offices, they can tend to get so political that you don't understand the language, what's going on, or what that candidate is going to do for you. But Obama puts it out there so clearly that even young people can understand what he stands for and what he represents. I think it is so dear to people that he has brought things down for everyone to understand, feel and relate to.

No fancy language, just straight to the point. That's what I love about Obama.

BJ: You have so many young sisters who admire what you have accomplished. Can you share the hard work it really takes to get to where you are and the advice you have for those admiring you?

TJ: My advice to the youth is to be determined and dream big. Like Obama says, 'we're looking for change'. So we have to change the way we think. We have to believe in ourselves. We grow up in disbelief so much that we don't believe when someone tells us this or that about ourselves that may be of good.

But believe me when I tell you that dreams can come true and that you can be whatever you want to be. The sky is the limit. Believe and trust in yourself. Stay determined.

BJ: Thank you.

TJ: Thank you!


  1. I really like Toccara's spirit and I enjoyed this brief interview. Thanks Brother Jesse.


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