April Ryan of the American Urban Radio Networks interviews Minister Farrakhan

Reposted from www.aprildryan.com

"Alleged corruption around the world has Chicago resident, Nation of Islam Minister, Louis Farrakhan speaking out and on fire. He spoke recently at his home on the situation in Zimbabwe. Farrakhan recalled President Mugabe as the former freedom fighter, a man who once tried to tear down the apartheid system in South Africa. President Bush is asking Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to step down again. This statement is in response to the deadly cholera outbreak there. Minister Farrakhan also speaks to the pay for play allegations involving Barack Obama’s vacant U.S. Senate seat. Minister Farrakhan also believes the case should play out as the governor has not been indicted. Yet he feels the people should be able to elect the Obama successor."

Watch a YouTube clip of the exclusive interview at www.aprildryan.com

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