"Be and It Is": wisdom from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

(Blogger's Note: Below is an excerpt from the The Will of God Part I by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered October 26, 1986. As we prepare and plan for the upcoming New Year, I felt this guidance is great food for thought.)

"The Holy Qur'an constantly reminds us that Allah's command is just "Be!" And it is. But this is not some spooky term such as "Abracadabra!" or "Open, Sesame!" When Allah (God) says "Be!" He summons the Power of His Own Being, His Creative Mind and Will, to bring about that which He Wills.

When Allah says, "Be!," this is an expression of His Will. But it is more than just the expression of His Will, for when He says, "Be!," He arranges forces, resources, angels, people --- according to a Plan --- to bring about the Fruition of His Will.

Allah's Will never fails. There is no plan by any scholar or scientist, no power in the Heavens above or in the Earth beneath, that can circumvent the Plan of Almighty God. In fact, the plans of the present world leaders were all taken into consideration. Before they were even a thought in the mind of their father, their plans were known. Their scheme was known. And Allah took their plans into consideration. He places His Hand over their plan; He help to bring about the Fruition of His Will. That is a Mighty, Powerful Being we are dealing with. When He says, "Be!" it is.

What a wonderful thing, that Almighty God, Allah chooses to share this Power with Humanity! Think of that, Brothers and Sisters! Almighty God, Allah, Who has created everything by His Will, shares His Power with you and me! We, today, have the ability to Will. We have the ability to plan, to work, to organize and to bring into fruition our plans. We, too, can say "Be!," go to work, and it is."