Farajii Muhammad of Baltimore to engage in serious International BBC Youth Panel

Written By Jesse Muhammad

Farajii Muhammad, of the Nation of Islam, is scheduled to appear on a BBC international radio segment called World Have Your Say (WHYS) on December 25. As the only one from the U.S., Farajii will be a part of an international panel of young listeners who will engage in a discussion around the topic of "Is direct action the only way for young people to get noticed?"

The show will air live on http://worldhaveyoursay.wordpress.com. Broadcast starts at 11:00AM CST-12:00PM EST-17:00GMT.

Farajii will be joined by Abhinav (Dhaka,Bangladesh), Longinos (Nairobi,Kenya), Bryony (Zimbabwe), Aisha(Canada), and Daniel (Korogocho, Nairobi)

Here is more information from BBC:

"On Christmas day we’re handing WHYS over to a panel of young listeners from Kenya, Bangladesh, India, Canada, Zimbabwe, Greece and the US. We gave them the chance to set the agenda and this is what they want to ask you:

How should young voices be heard . .. .and taken seriously? After student-led protests in Greece and France, is protesting becoming the only way young people can get concerns about unemployment, education and other issues noticed? Are their better ways for young people to engage with their communities than taking to the streets, or are young people just not taken seriously until they do?"

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    Keep the faith, keep it going. YOU ARE A PRINCE!

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