Stop the Massacre in Gaza! New Orleans Residents To Join World Protest

(Blogger's Note: The following information was distributed by the New Orleans Human Rights Group)

Indiscriminate bombing by Israeli Military forces and prolonged siege of the Gaza Strip, supported and funded by the United States, has led to:

* At least 280 Palestinians, including scores of children and other civilians, brutally murdered in less than 24 hours by the Israeli Occupation Forces
* Over 600 Palestinians wounded in mass bombing by the Israeli Occupation Forces
* No medical care in the Gaza Strip for the wounded
* No food supplies
* No fuel

The Israeli Government has promised to continue to escalate its attacks against the Gaza Strip and acts of mass murder against the Palestinian people.


Demonstrations against this violence have arisen all over the world but our voices, here in the US, must be heard to demand an immediate end to the massacres and an end to US aid to Israel! The Israeli military is promising more bombing and killing, and the Bush administration has given its approval - we must say no NOW!

For the past year and a half, the people of the Gaza Strip of Palestine have been slowly starved to death by an Israeli-imposed siege on the Palestinians by air, land and sea, bombing all electric plants and hospitals, depriving Palestinians of their existing resources, preventing the entry of any more resources and the travel of the Palestinians seeking food, shelter and medical care, imprisoning the entire Palestinian population as they starved and died of lack of access to medicine.

New Orleans Says No Murder In Our Name! Demonstration for Justice and Liberation

The protest will take place on Monday, December 29, 2008 from Noon until 2:00pm. It will be held at the corner of Canal Street and Convention Center Blvd, at the base of Canal street, across from Harrah's Casino.

This Demonstration is sponsored by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of New Orleans, New Orleans Palestine Solidarity, PATOIS, and many other organizations and individuals. We invite everyone concerned about justice and human rights to join us. For more information or to support please email: info@nolahumanrights.org

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