Study: Mid-South Black Males and Boys in a State of Emergency

Written by Jesse Muhammad

(Blogger's Note: The follow is an excerpt from a story I wrote that will appear in an upcoming edition of The Final Call Newspaper. Visit www.finalcall.com)

For decades, data about the condition of Black men and boys in America has shown that they have faired far worse than their White counterpart in areas such as economics, education, and health.

With the recent election of the country’s first Black President-Elect, many have sided with the thought that such research is no longer needed and the conversation should cease to take place entering into the year 2009 and beyond.

The Foundation for the Mid South disagrees and wants to take action.

“The election of a Black President is a good step in the right direction but it will not change the fact that Black males are suffering in the South and can no longer be overlooked”, said Christopher Crothers to The Final Call.

The foundation released a report showing that Black males in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi, or the Mid South, are more likely to lack quality health insurance, lose their lives in a homicide or drop out of school.

“Many people, especially Whites and the middle-class, have told us they are tired of seeing these numbers and hearing about racism. They want us to stop bringing this plight to the forefront as if everything is fine now”, said Mr. Crothers, who serves as communications director.

The report, titled Black Male: Why the Mid South Cannot Afford to Ignore The Disparities Facing Its Black Men and Boys, was released early December with a focus on men and boys ages 16 to 44. The idea was born out of forums attended by the foundation that brought together others to discuss the state of Black men and boys both nationally and in the South. Also to call on leaders and philanthropic organizations to get involved with their resources.


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  2. This is serious for real all over the country!


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