Have You Heard of Jasiri X? Your Internet Hip-Hop News Anchor

Written by Jesse Muhammad

His style is unique and his words have taken the World Wide Web by storm. If you have not heard of Jasiri X of Pittsburgh, you have been missing out on one of the most prolific artists out right now.

Are you one of those who has been crying out for more conscious hip-hop music? Look no further and support this artist.

Jasiri X is an emcee, activist and entrepreneur. He emerged on the national and international Hip-Hop scene with the controversial hit song Free the Jena 6, that helped bring attention to the plight of those six Black males as well as mobilize people via the airwaves. The song was eventually played on more than 100 radio station across the country and over 500,000 times on the Internet, was named Hip-Hop Political Song of the Year, and won Single of the Year at the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Awards.

It didn't stop there. He then followed that up with a dynamic commentary on the Sean Bell murder titled Enough is Enough. Featuring two videos produced by two Hip-Hop veterans X-Clans Paradise the Arkitech and NYOIL, Enough is Enough quickly spread across the country and lead to Jasiri's first performance in New York City and a taped appearance on BET's Rap City.

In 2008, he launched This Week With Jasiri X which features him as Your Hip-Hop News Anchor reporting the National news over the hottest beats. Thousands of views! Have you heard?

For weeks, Jasiri X has provided a rapidly growing Internet audience with a creative delivery of the weekly news. Using lyrical skills, controversial subject matter, and phat beats, Jasiri X shows and proves that real Hip-hop is not in the least bit dead but rather it's alive and thriving.

"This Week With Jasiri X is The Best TV That Aint' On TV", said Paradise the Arkitech.

Chuck D said that "Hip-Hop is the CNN of the ghetto" and Jasiri X has taken the anchor chair to deliver what the people need. Tune in.

Check out Jasiri's latest episode on YouTube right now!: www.youtube.com/user/jasirix

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