My Speaking Engagement at the Cheyenne Drug Treatment Center

(Photo by Deric Muhammad)

On the Presidential Inauguration Day, I was honored to be the featured speaker at the Cheyenne Drug Treatment Center in Houston for their Inauguration celebration focused on 'Change'.

My mother, Mavis Jackson, is one of the counselors there. I was deeply humbled to have the opportunity to speak to the residents of the center who are fighting to overcome their addictions.

My mother introduced me--at times coming to tears. I spoke to two separate groups for one hour each. The audience included all races and spoke straight from the heart.

I have been invited back by the center's directors to speak every week and I have also become a mentor to a 19-year-old who personally asked me to do so after I finished my second talk.

I will never forget Jan. 20, 2009. Not only because I witnessed Obama but because I had the opportunity to be inspired by those who want to better themselves.

Let's Be The Change.