Was Houston Mayor Bill White Wrong For this Ad? What do you think?

Written Jesse Muhammad

On last night (January 27), I received a text message that the Houston Millions More Movement Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is preparing to hold a press conference to denounce an ad that Houston Mayor Bill White placed inside a recent edition of the Black-owned Houston Defender newspaper.

The text message further stated that Mayor White was trying to compare himself to Dr. King and President Obama in the ad.

Since I had not picked up the latest Defender, I did not know how the ad looks but I knew it must have been controversial if a press conference was being called by the MOJ. This morning I got a call from my brother Deric Muhammad, who also asked if I had seen the ad and if not I could see it online.

He sent me to fellow Houston journalist Isiah Carey's Blog of Fox 26 because Carey has been on top of it. And behold there it was.....a snap shot of the ad with Mayor White in the middle of Dr. King and President Obama.

According to Carey's Blog, Mr. White's campaign manager Mustapha Tameez denied that the ad was approved by them. But Sonceria "Sonny" Messiah-Jiles, publisher of The Defender, stands firmly that Mr. White's campaign did approve the design that was developed by her graphical team.

My sources have told me that a minimum of four people reviews everything that comes out of Mayor White's office. So who is telling the truth?

This has sparked controversy. Many people are posing these questions as well: What is Mr. White's motive for the ad? Is this a tactic to secure the Black vote for his Senate run? Is it really a big deal? Money aside, why did The Defender even publish an ad like this? What should the response be from the Black community? Is this a slap in the face of Dr. King and President Obama?

The MOJ Press Conference will be held on Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 2616 South Loop West Suite 205. The press conference starts at 11:00am CST.

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