Was Houston Mayor Bill White Wrong For this Ad? What do you think?

Written Jesse Muhammad

On last night (January 27), I received a text message that the Houston Millions More Movement Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is preparing to hold a press conference to denounce an ad that Houston Mayor Bill White placed inside a recent edition of the Black-owned Houston Defender newspaper.

The text message further stated that Mayor White was trying to compare himself to Dr. King and President Obama in the ad.

Since I had not picked up the latest Defender, I did not know how the ad looks but I knew it must have been controversial if a press conference was being called by the MOJ. This morning I got a call from my brother Deric Muhammad, who also asked if I had seen the ad and if not I could see it online.

He sent me to fellow Houston journalist Isiah Carey's Blog of Fox 26 because Carey has been on top of it. And behold there it was.....a snap shot of the ad with Mayor White in the middle of Dr. King and President Obama.

According to Carey's Blog, Mr. White's campaign manager Mustapha Tameez denied that the ad was approved by them. But Sonceria "Sonny" Messiah-Jiles, publisher of The Defender, stands firmly that Mr. White's campaign did approve the design that was developed by her graphical team.

My sources have told me that a minimum of four people reviews everything that comes out of Mayor White's office. So who is telling the truth?

This has sparked controversy. Many people are posing these questions as well: What is Mr. White's motive for the ad? Is this a tactic to secure the Black vote for his Senate run? Is it really a big deal? Money aside, why did The Defender even publish an ad like this? What should the response be from the Black community? Is this a slap in the face of Dr. King and President Obama?

The MOJ Press Conference will be held on Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 2616 South Loop West Suite 205. The press conference starts at 11:00am CST.

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  1. You got to be joking! This is crazy.

  2. This deserves outrage.

  3. I for one think it is very stupid.

  4. What the hell?! Please speak out MOJ!!!!

  5. While I think it's good to speak out against this, I believe there are more pressing issues we should channel our energy towards.

    However, this just means more people like me need to get involved instead of just leaving comments on blogs.(smile)

    BTW keep up the good work brother.

  6. Mayor White need to gone somewhere with this. Totally disrespectful

  7. This must be a joke....who does this Mayor White think he is? I'm from LA but I know he isn't on these two people level.

    Black people there in Houston should speak out.

  8. it's not offensive to me....just tactical.

  9. Although I think it's a little extreme....it doesn't bother me.

  10. I'm looking forward to seeing who is telling the truth...I don't think an ad would be placed without White's approval....but with so much corruption going on, who knows!

    BTW, the ad is strategy not offensive.

  11. I think its controversial but what all yall doing about the rise of Black on black crime in that city...heard its pretty intense.

    But I do believe in speaking out against all things that can impact out community....White is just riding off of the coattail of Obama. Smart, yet offensive

  12. An obvious opportunist! in the words of jay-z..politics as usual.

    So I'm not surprised

  13. Thanks for sharing the information Brother Jesse...the MOJ be giving everybody the business! LOL!!

  14. I'll defer to the judgment of others here on whether the comparison is inappropriate because the other two men have no comparison, but generally I think it shows a complete lack of class and dignity. It's desperate and cheap!

    Anyone can insert his head in a photo of great people.

    Anyone can also carry on a vision for racial justice and equality.

    Which one is harder and more laudable?

    If the candidate for mayor is just a foolish guy who has a good heart but made a bad decision, people should meet with him to tell him how silly this advertisement was. If he's pandering to African Americans, don't vote for him!

  15. What in the world Brother!!! How about we focus on IMPORTANT issues no?

    Would it be as big a deal if it were a black face in between Dr.King and Obama who has done nothing for the city?

    What is the deal here: that the Mayor is not black?

  16. I think the massage below the pics are ok, Black History month is coming and maybe he does celebrate the accomplishments of both, Dr. King and President Obama. The pic of him in between with "The Hope" above him was very distateful and a horrible idea.

    But guess what, we are taking this from being in a small newspaper to possibly national news. EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTED. The more you are in the news, the more people know you and the better chance of you winning a big election.

    It's politics.

  17. If the words "The Hope" weren't emblazened above Mayor White's head, I could almost believe this was intended as his reflection on the importance of King and Obama. But there it is ... in letters the same size as "The Dream" and "The Change." It says to me that he thinks he's of the same caliber, and that is just pathetic. Public outcry is well deserved for this.

  18. The implicationsof this add shows refers "The Great White Hope"...there is no doubt that Mayor White's office (if not Mayor White himself) knew about this add. This was a deliberate attempt to ride the wave of excitement for President Obama. Mayor White knows black people love Obama so if he attaches himself to President Obama and Dr. King then he figures he'll get votes for the senate seat. I have a word for Mayor White, "black people are not stupid!" Do not think that we will confuse your poly-tricks with politics.

  19. This is crazy! I believe it is definitely an attempt to secure the black vote and also paint him in a different light to make one think that he (The Mayor) has similar goals in mind as these men. I agree with the out rage but further more why did this black owned paper even publish this?

  20. Wow, I am sure there are some Negro leaders out there who are probably saying that it's a waste of time dealing with this but my question is where are all of our so-called Black leaders in Houston?

    There is only a handful that is still out in streets with the people. But most have become focused on economic empowerment and no longer focused on the spiritual ills of our community which can't be healed by money.

    Big ups to the MOJ for even addressing it....truth be told I have been watching the Houston MMM address alot of issues since 2005 in this city, big and small.

    Where are the real Black leaders hiding at? Don't fall asleep just because Obama is President.

  21. I am all for addressing injustices and i think this one doesn't call for a march per se but definitely needed to be addressed.

    I agree with the last comment too, where are the real Black leaders in Houston?

  22. Go White! Mayor White that is. I don't see the big deal. Y'all people are to sensitive.

  23. The more I think about this Quanell crap the more upset I get. WHY can’t he let people heal and be equal? If a white man got on the news and said Mayor White had disgraced his people by being in this ad between Dr King and Obama he wouldn’t be a member of the Black Panthers, he’d be a member of the Klan. Think about that Quanell, you and the Klan think alike. I’m ashamed of their views and yours. It’s appalling that such hatred exists.

  24. My problem is with The Defender!
    "But Sonceria "Sonny" Messiah-Jiles, publisher of The Defender, stands firmly that Mr. White's campaign did approve the design that was developed by her graphical team."

    Why wouldn't she object to this? Or at the VERY least refuse to take part in creating this nonsense and make him send it over already complete.

    It was just not a good look. Not b/c he is white, but b/c he is celebrating them and himself at the same time.

  25. I thank everyone for their comments.

  26. I have witnessed Mayor White's theft of property and contracts from the inside, I work downtown and I know the plan, it is to take the land close to the area of the 610 and downtown areas. He is in the process of sending his people out to ticket these areas so that the community can lose their property if the fines are not paid. I have proof, one of my close friends is dealing with the city coming for his property as we speak...


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