Day 1 at Saviours' Day 2009! Support The Final Call Newspaper!

Written by Jesse Muhammad

Happy Saviours' Day Blog Readers! My family entourage has arrived in Chicago!

Ok, some of you may be asking what in the world is Saviours' Day?? Well that means you didn't read my blog post a few days ago.(smile)

But today is the birth anniversary of Master Fard Muhammad, the Founder of the Nation of Islam. He was born February 26, 1877 in the Holy City of Mecca. Our annual Saviours' Day Convention takes place every year to commemorate His birth.

This year we are being hosted by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan here in Chicago, which is the location of our Headquarters.

I am preparing to head to the Media Training and I-Nation Seminars this morning to kick-off everything.

There are alot of workshops and events for everyone. The Final Call Newspaper staff is going to be busy. If you're at Saviours' Day make sure you stop by the Final Call vending table!

If you're not here, stop by our online vending table (smile) at www.finalcall.com

More reports coming soon!

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