The Eulogy For Hip-Hop Beef....What Do You Think?

Written by Jesse Muhammad

In a recent Final Call newspaper column, Deric Muhammad addressed Hip-Hop beef and said "Will somebody please write a eulogy for hip-hop beef? It has outlived its usefulness and become a destructive force."

I'm with him totally so I have started the eulogy. I was recently invited by Russell Simmons to become one of the bloggers for GlobalGrind.com. Since that's one of the sites where the Hip-Hop community convenes online, I posted the beginning words of the eulogy there.

Please Read it and Leave a comment here on your thoughts about Hip-Hop Beef and what your words would be at its funeral.

Log on to: http://globalgrind.com/content/391243/Bro-Jesses-Blog-HipHop-Beef-needs-a-Funeral/


  1. Peace Brother Jesse. I also read your post on global grind. It seems as though some of the hip-hop beefs today are very personal and mean spirited. I feel there is a difference between the good ole battle rapping from "back in the day" and today's version of it. Even our Brothers Jay-Z and Nas came to the realization that their destructive words toward one another had to stop. I hope and pray others look at that as an example before someone else gets hurt.
    Keep up the dynamic work!
    Sister Starla

  2. It seems to me that some conditions or things must RUN THEIR COURSE. So-called Hip Hop BEEF really was obsolete after the deaths of Biggie and TuPac. It being "warmed over" after Biggie and Tupac are only attitudes that are dying hard. Yet DYING!

    Thanks for all your articles. The articles on public speaking were VERY HELPFUL.

    Brother Elijah * GhettoRise

  3. Thank you all for your feedback! Let's create Positive Power to combat it!!!!


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