The Eulogy For Hip-Hop Beef....What Do You Think?

Written by Jesse Muhammad

In a recent Final Call newspaper column, Deric Muhammad addressed Hip-Hop beef and said "Will somebody please write a eulogy for hip-hop beef? It has outlived its usefulness and become a destructive force."

I'm with him totally so I have started the eulogy. I was recently invited by Russell Simmons to become one of the bloggers for GlobalGrind.com. Since that's one of the sites where the Hip-Hop community convenes online, I posted the beginning words of the eulogy there.

Please Read it and Leave a comment here on your thoughts about Hip-Hop Beef and what your words would be at its funeral.

Log on to: http://globalgrind.com/content/391243/Bro-Jesses-Blog-HipHop-Beef-needs-a-Funeral/