Houston City Councilmember Jarvis Johnson challenges his constituents to "B-Healthy"!

Written by Jesse Muhammad

With the economy plummeting, many people are suffering higher levels of stress. In order to encourage his constituents to take care of mind, body and soul, Houston City Councilmember Jarvis Johnson launched a 2009 health initiative in District B called the B-Healthy Initiative.

"Our B-Healthy Initiative plan includes eating healthier which includes more fresh fruits and vegetables, meditating and breathing exercises to help the flow of oxygen to the brain and lungs and physical exercise", said Councilmember Johnson.

He is also leading be example. People can join him every Monday and Thursday at the Fonde Recreation Center (110 Sabine St) for 30 minutes of exercise from 12:30 - 1:30pm.
He can be seen showing his basketball skills on the court as well. He has already lost 7lbs and is now taking yoga classes.

"If b-ball is not your thing, there are weights and tread mills there to keep you active", he said. "The goal is simple, to get our heart rates up and our stress levels down. It is also a great way to simply build relationships."

Alicia Jackson, who resides in District B, accepted the challenge because "I am want to live a healthier life." Ms. Jackson has already went down one size in a short amount of time.

Will you accept the challenge?

(For more information on Councilmember Johnson's B-Healthy Initiative visit www.jarvis-johnson.com and jarvisjohnson.blogspot.com)

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