Interviewed by a St. Thomas University Communications Student!

Ok, some people may be shocked at this photo because I am usually in a suit. Don't be alarmed, the weather was bad!! (smile)

I am here being interviewed by Brandi English, a communications major at St. Thomas University in Houston on February 21. She was one of the students that heard me speak on campus last week to the Black Student Union so she honored me by conducting a one-on-one for a paper she has to do for one of her classes. It was her first interviewed, so she was a little nervous yet energetic.

She wanted to take a tour of the neighborhood my family grew up in to see for herself the things I described in my message to them. We rode through the Northeast side of Houston for a few hours. She had some great questions and we had fun. I will keep you all posted on the grade she gets on the paper....hopefully an A!!!!

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