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Inspired by the theme of Saviours’ Day 2009 and the previous work of Brother Dennis Muhammad of ENOTA with the Peace Keepers Initiative, members of Muhammad Mosque No. 46 organized a community event asking citizens of New Orleans to accept the responsibility to reform their own community.

“After the death of a two year old child who was murdered by his very own father, I reflected heavily on the theme of Saviours’ Day. I called Brother Dennis and we talked more about the condition of our community and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s instruction to us to get more involved in changing the current climate of our neighborhoods. All of this led to me writing an editorial that was printed in the local newspaper, which caught the attention of many and caused some controversy. In the editorial I stressed the need for our community, especially black males to accept the responsibility to produce the change we so badly desire,” stated Brother Willie Muhammad (pictured below).

As a result of the editorial Brother Willie was invited to appear on several local television and radio shows to discuss the content of the letter. “In the midst of the attention the letter received, we began planning a community meeting that would help those who were interested in working to produce the change to get involved,” he continued.

Invitations were sent out to numerous community service providers and grassroots organizations that have a history of working in the city. Nearly all of those who were invited agreed to participate. The groups provided such services as mentorship programs, HIV/STD awareness, anti –violence/anti-police brutality initiatives, youth organizations and many more. Each community service provider/grassroots organization was asked to setup a table that provided information about the kind of work they are doing in the community. Then an invitation was extended to the greater community to come out and learn about each community service provider and then get involved.

“We used the example of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan during the historic Million Man March, when he encouraged all of the two million plus men to get involved with some organization,” stated Brother Willie Muhammad.

The community came out and many signed up to help one of the community service providers by either, volunteering their time, becoming a member or making a financial contribution.

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