Paris, Texas Update~Jacqueline McClelland's health is getting better

Written by Jesse Muhammad

I spoke with Ms. Jacqueline McClelland, the mother of Brandon McClelland, this evening and she told me that she is walking better these days. That was good news to me.

She also told me that the trial for the two alleged murderers of her son is set to start at the end of March. There was also a very heated townhall meeting on race that took place a few weeks ago in Paris, Texas wherein she said "it got real heated up in there."

"I am just praying that we get justice in this case", she said.

For those that are new to my blog and may be unfamiliar with this story please click the following post:http://jessemuhammad.blogs.finalcall.com/2008/10/jasper-style-lynching-reporting-on.html

More updates coming soon.

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