Quote of the Day from Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

"Time dictates agenda. When you know the time, you know what must be done. What must be done is the agenda. It is predicated upon a good understanding of the time. If you don’t know the time, or do not believe in the understanding given of the time, then you will not adopt the right agenda. And if you do not adopt the right agenda, then surely man is in loss.

We have been having conferences, after conferences, after conferences, but these conferences have not produced an agenda that has lessened the suffering of our people. Why? It is because we have failed to understand the time and the requirements of the time; or we know the time, we understand the time, but are too cowardly to move according to the requirements of the time. “Man is in loss, except those who believe and do good.” We all want to do good, but good is not good for the sake of good; good is good when it is appropriate, proper, in accord with time and the requirements of time and brings about a good result."

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