Blog Book Review: Young? So What! 10 Steps To Become a Successful Young Entrepreneur

Written by Jesse Muhammad

The shelves at book stores are overflowing with self-help books from finances to relationships. And I have read my fair share of them and personally I haven't purchased a new book in months!

Then I came across a book written by 18-year-old Keith J. Davis Jr. aka K. Jer'Rod. The title Young? So What! captured my eye, so I decided to get a copy to see how it is.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I highly recommend that all young people pick up a copy. Parents should buy this for their teenagers instead of the latest sneakers and teachers should have it as an extra credit assignment.

According to his website, "In 10 easy to read and attainable steps, Keith reveals a path towards becoming a young entrepreneur, no matter what your age is. Though not meant to be a cliche, the title Young? So What! has become a slogan of hope for a generation with enormous challenges but a wealth of potential."

This is the type of greatness we have in this younger generation and Keith Jr. is setting an example.

Although many know that I have had the honor of working with this young man and his powerful father Keith J. Davis Sr., CEO of D-Mars.com, this is not a bias review by far. But rather this is a honest analysis by an uncertified blog book critic. (smile)

This book is awesome and inspirational....and he's a budding speaker too!

Get your copy and support this young Black male at: http://keithjdavisjr.com

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  1. I am going to purchase this book and make sure some other young people I know read it also. It is good to see a young black man talk about entrepreneurship and and how to get there "in spite of."


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