CREATIVE PAUSE~My Photo of The Week: Songstress and Educator Sister Wakiti

(Photo by Jesse Muhammad)

This is a photo I took of the dynamic songstress and educator Sister Wakiti during a shoot for her album cover. Picture taken with a digital Canon Rebel XT in Black & White.

She had the Color Purple hat working strong in this shot. (smile) This was one of the most energetic photo shoots I have done.

Remember these and more are forthcoming in my exhibit "The Return of the Renaissance Brother." Spring 2009. Stay tuned and stay creative.


  1. beautiful pic...when does the cd come out?

  2. That is a beautiful picture of you. Didn't know you were working on a cd. But anyway, keep up the good work. I'm so....proud of you, not because you're my best friend but because of you're strong committment and loyalty to me when I needed you. Not only do you have a beautiful voice you also have a heart to match it.

    Love Always,


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