Little Book Makes Big Claim: The Secret to Great Schools and Great Men Like Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali

Would you believe that some of the ground breaking scholarship taking place at some of the most prestigious schools and universities is based on the knowledge of a man with a 3rd grade education? The new book, The Educational Philosophy of Elijah Muhammad, makes such a claim. It also claims that several of the multicultural education concepts are similar to the teachings of Elijah Muhammad which include the "knowledge of self." One of the prime examples used in the book is how the knowledge of self is a well known concept among the elite class in England. The book briefly touches the intellectual genius of Malcolm X, who was taught exclusively by Elijah Muhammad--the "knowledge of self"--which includes the knowledge of God and the Original man along with "true black history."

The book provides some insight into how some of Muhammad's students were impacted by his teachings. Malcolm X a well known spokesman for Justice and Human rights was brought to birth by the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. He became, not only a "Prince for Justice", but also a well-known speaker and debater. Boxer, Muhammad Ali, was also a student of Elijah Muhammad. It was Elijah Muhammad who gave the former Cassius Clay the name Muhammad Ali, a name that means one worthy of praise and who is the "most high" or "great." Today Muhammad Ali's is praised by the world and considered the greatest boxer that has ever lived.

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