Seek and Destroy All Lazy Men

Written by Jesse Muhammad for GlobalGrind.com

The thin-skinned men please be advised before reading this.

But the more I talk to former classmates, close friends, business associates and women, the more I find that the disease of LAZINESS has crippled us as men on this planet like never before. Where is our sense of purpose?

I had a man recently tell me that he spends most of his days playing video games and watching TV while his wife is working to pay the bills. He brags about being able to beat everyone in NBA Live or Call To Duty. What?

I had another one tell me that over these last 12 years since we've been out of high school, he has worked only at fast-food joints because he didn't want to finish college although he had a full scholarship. Plus he says there is no pressure to improve at his present job. What?

I had a female classmate tell me that she has had three children by a man who has a good paying job but he refuses to take care of his children. Instead he spends most of his money on taking trips, spending lavishly on others, and making sure he looks good in his Lexus. She works two jobs to pay for daycare. What?

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  1. We have alot of boys who are calling themselves men. Thats the issue.


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