Speaking At B.C. Elmore Middle School's Career Day

On Friday, March 13, I returned once again to North Forest ISD as a featured guest speaker. I am a product of that district! This time I had the honor of speaking at B.C. Elmore Middle School's Career Day. Each presenter spoke to four different classes over a two hour span. The more and more I speak to young people, the more I realize how powerful they are. We really need to start listening to them because there is a lot of brilliance within them.

We covered topics such as goals, career choices, respecting parents, being a model student, having good habits, peer pressure and how to pick the right kind of friends. The dialogue was awesome and I thank my former high school classmate Erica Webb, who is a teacher there, for inviting me to speak. They presented all of the speakers with a nice certificate as well.

But I must say that my greatest gift came when many of the students gave me THEIR autographs because they said one day it will be worth a lot of money.

Let's BE the Change.....big fields await you and I.

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