What if Obama's grandfather was Palestinian?

by Askia Muhammad, Final Call Senior Correspondent

Could President Barack Hussein Obama’s “historical memory”—inherited from his paternal grandfather Hussein Onyango Obama—of the brutal British suppression of the Kenyan independence movement in the 1950s affect the “special relationship” between the United States and America’s long time ally, the United Kingdom?

But what if his grandfather had been Palestinian? Would Mr. Obama ever have been able to become President in the first place? I doubt it very seriously.

After reporting on the barbaric torture inflicted on Hussein Onyango Obama in a Dec. 3, 2008 article published online by The Times of London, writer Ben Macintyre says that the first African American President’s views towards the United Kingdom just might be different from those of the previous 43 White U.S. presidents.

“Barack Obama’s grandfather was imprisoned and brutally tortured by the British during the violent struggle for Kenyan independence,” Mr. Macintyre and co-author Paul Orengoh reported. “He was arrested in 1949 and jailed for two years in a high-security prison where, according to his family, he was subjected to horrific violence to extract information about the growing insurgency,” they wrote.

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