CREATIVE PAUSE~My Photos of The Week by Brother Jesse

Here are a few photos I really like in my collection.

The first one is Bro. Ray Muhammad of Houston sleep with his one-year old son Sultan at Chicago O'hare airport back in February 2009 during a long flight delay due to weather. I was extremely restless so I pulled out the Rebel XT to pass by time. Who looks tired the most to you?

This second one is during the 9-city Grassroots Media Tour that I was apart of in October 2008. This shot was taken at the Pork and Beans Project Housing in Miami, Florida. These children were attending a birthday party, hence the moonwalk, so they took a little break. You think they wanted to take this photo?

These and more will be presenting during my upcoming art and photo exhibit "The Return of the Renaissance Brother".....stay plugged in.


  1. Sis Karli MuhammadApril 27, 2009 at 8:53 PM

    ASA, please let me be the first to know about the exhibit. Twitter? What happened, I added you and then what happened? IDK, anyway, I follow you, May Allah continue to bless you and your family. Give your beautiful wife a hug and kiss from me, miss her too. Peace. ~Sis. Karli

  2. WLS Sister Karli!

    As always good to hear from you. What is your Twitter username?


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