Deric Muhammad presents "Raising Boys: Tips For Single Mothers". Watch the trailer!

Written by Jesse Muhammad

He was raised by a single mother. How do I know? Because he is my older brother. (smile)

But seriously, being raised by a single mother and experiencing some of the traps of society that young boys can get caught up in has motivated Deric Muhammad to set a trend in 2009 by releasing a critical documentary, book and television show aimed at assisting single Black mothers raise young boys.

The three-fold project will impact single mothers across the country and the world along with touching the lives of young boys.

Please click the image below and watch the trailer of the "Raising Boys" documentary to see what is in store. I will keep you posted when the full version is released.


  1. is this a dvd? when is it availuable? I am not a single mom but, i need all the help i that is availuable!!!

  2. is this a dvd? when is it availuable. i am not a single mom but, i need all the help i can get!!!

  3. I think teaching life principal will install values in our future male role models.

  4. I am a single mom I am not a black single mom tho, however, the same challenges face all single moms no matter their race,creed or faith. The major challenge is for me to raise my son with values,honesty,integrity,and a sense of responsibility to himself and others. Please keep me posted on when this DVD is released. I am interested in purchasing a copy.


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