Film Review: American Violet is a must see film; Nicole Beharie's performance is captivating

Nicole Beharie in "American Violet."

Review by Jesse Muhammad of The Final Call

This film is full of strong performances with a consistent energy and connection with the audience that many are lacking today. Under the direction of Tim Disney, the overall chemistry could not have been more perfect in telling this critical story. This is just one of the many untold stories throughout America but is profoundly packaged with the outcry for justice in such a way that pulls all generations to the edge of their seats. I cringed at moments and reacted out loud at others because I have witnessed, protested against and written about cases paralleling this for several years.

The acting of newcomer Nicole Beharie is one of the most captivating I have seen on the screen in a very long time. Although I was not present in the actual town when the character that this story is based upon went through this fight--Ms. Beharie takes me on a mental ride that makes you want to jump into the screen to fight along side her and later do something in your community once you leave the theatre. I see Ms. Beharie as the next crop of budding young Black actresses that will take Hollywood by storm or continue to make people pay closer attention to the indie industry.

Below are photos that I took from the first screening in Houston on April 20! To find out when this film will open in theaters near you visit: www.americanviolet.com

(Director Tim Disney and Regina Kelly, inspiration behind the movie)

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  1. great review, jesse! the patois folks and i love this film, and were thrilled to feature it on our opening night. we even had some star power at our screening--the youth who play necole's daughters in the film are new orleans natives (much of the film was shot here), and they came out to watch the film with us! this film is a great outreach tool for organizers working to end racism in the criminal justice system. much love to everyone who made american violet possible, and best wishes for the film's success!


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