Hard Truth Soliders Tour 2009: Will this go down in Hip Hop history?

From the San Fransisco Weekly

Hard Truth Soldiers Tour Takes Over SF, Major American Cities
By Eric Arnold

Generally, when ASD receives a press release boasting about a show with “arguably the strongest lineup of socially-aware, hardcore hip-hop talent in recent memory,” we just shrug it off as pure hyperbole (and yes, to paraphrase Harry Allen, we normally don’t believe the hyperbole). But holy fucking guano, Batman! Guerilla Funk’s Hard Truth Soldiers Tour –which lands at Mezzanine May 2 with all the force of an anti-pirate sniper shot–can actually make such a claim and come off as credible.

The lineup is ridiculous–it’s practically a mini-Rock the Bells, for cryin’ out loud: Paris, Talib Kweli, dead prez, Immortal Technique, Kam, Pete Rock, Planet Asia, T-K.A.S.H., the Conscious Daughters, Jasiri X, Nyoil, Uno the Prophet, and DJ True Justice. That’s like going to sleep and waking up on the Planet of Politically-Active, Socially-Conscious Hip-Hop.

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For more information on the tour go to: www.hardtruthsoldiers.com

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