Houston firefighters upset by noose incident

By Jesse Muhammad, Final Call Staff Writer

HOUSTON (FinalCall.com) - Members of the Houston Black Firefighters Association are pressing the Federal Bureau of Investigation to probe a recent noose incident and the alleged discriminatory treatment of members.

One of the group's members, Jesse O'Quinn, discovered a hangman's noose at a Houston fire station located on the east side of town. As reported by KHOU Channel 11 News, the noose was hanging in a White supervisor's partially opened locker door. Mr. O'Quinn spotted it and reported it to the assistant fire chief only to be reprimanded for not following the chain of command

“We are outraged by this incident and the fact that they would reprimand him (Mr. O'Quinn) for reporting it. That's crazy,” said Capt. Otis Jordan, president of Black firefighters group, to The Final Call. He has served in the field for 29 and has led the organization for nine years.

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