Minister Farrakhan Speaks April 25 in Chicago: Demands Justice for Jon Burge Torture Victims

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will speak in support of Cortez Brown and all victims of police brutality and torture on Saturday, April 25th at Life Center Church of God in Christ (5500 S. Indiana). Brown is a victim of torture by indicted former Commander Jon Burge and his subordinates within the Chicago Police Department.

Doors open at 3:30pm and program begins at 4pm. Admission is free.

Along with Min. Farrakhan, the scheduled speakers include Father Michael Pfleger, Attorney Locke Bowman and Alderman Ed Smith. Min. Farrakhan appeared at a court hearing earlier this month in support of Cortez Brown and has pledged to attend the next court appearance on April 29.

In 1990, at age 19, Cortez Brown was tortured by Chicago Police Officers forcing him to confess to two murders. Cortez was sentenced to 35 years in one case and death in the other. He was on death row until former Gov. George Ryan commuted his sentence to life in prison. Cortez maintains his innocence in both cases and has been fighting for his freedom ever since.

In the past three decades hundreds of Black men have accused Burge of torture. Last fall, FBI agents arrested the 60-year-old at his home in Apollo Beach, Fla. on two counts of obstruction of justice and one count of perjury charges for allegedly lying about whether he led a campaign of torture and physical abuse of suspects dating back to the 1970s. The federal indictment outlines allegations that Burge was present for, participated in, and was aware of torture and physical abuse of at least 200 convicted persons in police custody.

The indictment charges that Burge during his time as an Area 2 detective commander lied and impeded court proceedings in November 2003 when he provided false written answers to questions in a civil lawsuit alleging him and others abused suspects in their custody.

To request an interview with Min. Farrakhan call 773.602.1230.


  1. As Salaam Alaikum brother Jesse,

    I am truly blessed for being linked to your site. I was among many in attendance today at the Life Center Church of God in Christ. Allah truly blessed us all with the gift of hearing the heavy yet,thought provoking, unified lecture of our beloved minister and the brothers of whom were victims of police brutality. Inshallah me and my group look forward with great anticipation to standing in unison with the minister, to bring our beloved brother Cortez Brown to justice. I am apart of The P.O.O.R (point of oppression released). I hope you can be a blessing to us, as we go forward into the liberation of minds and hearts of the poor and less fortunate. We need more brothers and sisters to add to to the team... the Family. We will be downtown Chicago May 17, 2009 at 2:00pm, handing out Turkey Sandwiches, veggie snacks, hugs, spiritual encouragement, and resources to our brothers and sisters subjected to a life of poverty. Allah says in the Holy Quran, that he will not change the condition of a people, until they first change the condition themselves. I believe that if everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot. We are not a non for profit organization. We are just a group of concerned brothers and sisters from all walks of life coming to together to bring a temporary relief to our less fortunate people. I believe that poverty has no age, race, creed or color, and I am willing to walk in unity to spread peace and love throughout Chicago. I thank you king for reading this comment. I pray that Allah blesses you for you obedience and in all your endeavors. Please feel free to visit us at thepoor.webs.com or email us at for_the_poor@yahoo.com.

    Your servant & sister, Nyjiela

  2. @Nyjiela Sirreayah First thank you for visiting my blog and secondly I am impressed and thankful for the work that you and others are doing. I visited the website. Those pictures are impactful.

    Let me know how I can help you all with my website.

  3. As Salaam Alaikum brother Jesse. Please forgive me, but beleive it or not I just saw this response to this comment I posted on your blog last year. We are having another drive, i will keep you posted with details regarding the event.

    Your Sister & Servant, Nyjiela


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