10 Tips to Become a Better Leader and Servant of the people

by Jesse Muhammad

It has been stated by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that the best leaders are the best servants. Whether you are the head of a corporation or a community organization, it's all about service. How do you measure up as a leader?

Here are a few tips:

Leadership Tip#1: Community service is not showing up for the cameras....but for the people.

Leadership Tip#2: You can't be effective being intimidated by talented people around you.

Leadership Tip#3: Stop E.G.O. trippin....Excessively Getting Offended

Leadership Tip#4: Don't confuse delegating with duty dodging. Be the example.

Leadership Tip#5: Be a catalyst not a catastrophe for your team.

Leadership Tip#6: Your lip service should not outweigh your actions.

Leadership Tip#7: Have solution-oriented meetings not boring self-boasting sessions.

Leadership Tip#8: Follow up on tasks given to people...start with yourself

Leadership Tip#9: Stay in the mode of a student daily to become a better leader. Soak up information!

Leadership Tip#10: Remember humility is not weakness but hidden power

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